Mindful Eating Challenge

Are you stuck on the dieting 


  • Are you tired of counting calories?
  • Are you sick of feeling guilty, sad, and out of control around food?
  • Do you start a diet as soon as you end another?

It's not time for another diet with rules, lists of foods to eat or avoid, and promises of extreme weight loss. If you've found this page, you've probably been around the diet block a time or two. Try one, lose weight, give up, gain it back. Repeat...with a lot of guilt and self-hatred that you don't deserve.

Diets don’t work. Your body doesn’t like being starved with 1200 calorie diets, juice cleanses, or detoxes.

It's time for a new approach and a new relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

"I know the course I am on now (real food and mindfulness) is the course that I will be on for the rest of my life and the one and only way that I will achieve a healthy happy relationship with food.  I have seen enormous progress, so the fact that I am not perfect is not tripping me up." -Valerie

Luckily, your body and mind is able to heal. By switching your mindset, you can heal your relationship with food and become your healthiest, happiest self. You can learn to listen to your body and crave whole foods without feeling deprived or restricted.

Sale Price of eGuide: $19*  $15

The 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge eGuide takes a different, non-dieting approach.

There are no lists of foods to eat, avoid, or how many meals you should eat. Instead, it talks about the idea of eating mindfully and listening to your body and its natural intuition.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I see people trying to lose weight in any manner possible. Yes, diets do work initially, but once your body realizes it's being starved, it rebels. You begin to crave all your forbidden foods, then binge like crazy. The weight slowly creeps back on, along with guilt, sadness, self-hatred, and all those fearful emotions.

I've been there too. I've counted calories. I've hated my body.

The truth is: your body is wise. There is no ONE perfect diet.

"I feel like I have been on a diet since I was 8 years old. I've never really been overweight, but I developed a poor body image at a young age. I have deleted my calorie-counting apps, and I have deleted my subscriptions to weight-loss and related blogs. I rarely read women's magazines anymore. I have found that when I listen to my body, I feel and look better, even if I am eating carbs or sweets! I have been amazed that during periods where I just listen to my body and not my rules, my weight reduces and I feel better than when I am worried about following my diet rules!" -Jennifer

Mindful Eating helps you listen to what your body needs, if it's hungry or not, and simply savor your food and nourish your body.

The eGuide includes 137 pages written from pure love and practice. The exercises and tips are ones that I practice everyday.

This is not simply a guide to read. It's a workbook with exercises to practice everyday and develop into life-long habits. There are journal prompts to help you reflect on the challenge. The challenge is designed as a daily challenge, but you can take your time working through it.

"The eGuide is a 30-day mindful eating challenge that takes a non-dieting approach. You won’t find calorie counting and restricting fat grams with this Dietitian’s approach. Thank goodness for that. It’s not another guide of yes/no foods either. It instead teaches you to listen to your body and its natural intuition...She breaks each day down with a task. I LOVE how the challenge becomes less intimidating and overwhelming this way. It’s simply one day at a time." -Mary

Sale Price of eGuide: $19*  $15

  • What you Get: Immediate PDF download of 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge eGuide for you including...
  • Why your metabolism hates dieting & side effects of silly diets
  • What mindful eating actually is
  • The huge range of benefits of mindful eating - from better digestion, more energy, actually enjoying food, and finding your body's healthy weight
  • Your personalized journey to ditching the diets and discovering a whole new approach to food
  • Daily words of encouragement, challenges, and journal prompts for you to dig deeper
  • My favorite resources
  • Bonus: Meal Planning + Preparation Guides (that are super flexible!)

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Who is this Guide for?

This guide is for anyone who eats. Seriously. Food isn’t simply fuel for your body. Yes, it provides calories and energy, but it also provides nutrients that support every action of your body.

Food can be medicine to provide you with vibrant health. It adds pleasure to your life (hello, dark chocolate + red wine!). By eating mindfully, you can pay attention to the foods that work best for your body, improve your digestion, and treat your body well rather than depriving it.

Mindful eating is a journey and is great for anyone who wants to move away from diets into a whole new perspective on food and nutrition. If you’ve ever restricted yourself, found yourself yo-yo dieting, binged, or hated yourself for eating, this is worth exploring.

However, this guide is not meant to be used as a sole recovery tool for disordered eating habits or eating disorders. These are serious conditions that require medical attention and support from a team that often includes at least a physician, therapist, and Registered Dietitian. You may learn mindful or intuitive eating tools with your team through your recovery, though.

Life is all about balance. Eat the foods that add pleasure to your life. This will be the foods that make you feel good, and it will be those sweet treats or comfort foods, as well. The difference is making the conscious decision to savor them when you eat them.

"I love this book because it doesn’t approach the subject of food with a restrictive mentality. It’s actually a way to break free from dieting, and who doesn’t want to do that?" - Vanessa

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a mindfulness-based practice that focuses on bringing awareness to the process of eating and the food itself.

One of my favorite Zen proverbs is, “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

Somehow, our society has moved away from sitting down for a meal and into eating in the car, at your desk, or scarfing down a meal before rushing out the door. People feel out of control around food and grab snacks mindlessly out of habit rather than noticing if they’re truly hungry or even enjoy that food.

Mindful eating is:

  • The anti-diet
  • Savoring food
  • Eating your entire meal, or only a few bites
  • Eating slowly
  • Eating without distraction
  • Being aware of your food choices
  • Eating whatever you would like (seriously, whatever)
  • Finding pleasure in your food
  • Getting rid of the food guilt
  • A journey that takes time, commitment, and practice

Sale Price: $19*  $15

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