You want to eat normally - free of restriction, diets, and all those crazy food rules in your head.

You want to feel free to choose what you truly want to eat, not what is the "perfect" choice. You want to stop obsessing about food so much. You want to feel comfortable and connected with your body. You want to eat without stressing out if you ate too much or worrying about your weight. You want to eat foods you love and go out to eat - without feeling guilty or needing to "make up" for it. You want to feel healthy but feel controlled by your restrictions - no sugar, gluten, dairy, 'clean eating. You want to feel healthy in your mind and body.

Who I Work With

I work with women who want a healthy relationship with food and their body. They want to recover from their disordered eating or eating disorders. They want to trust their bodies - and themselves.

I work with women who are sensitive, smart, and kind. They know how to play the perfection game with food and exercise but never feel like they're doing "enough" for their body or health.

They want to feel truly nourished in mind, body, and heart. They want to feel flexible and free around food - and compassionate and confident in their body.

This is possible. When women free themselves of food and body worries, they have the space to feel connected, clear, and calm in their lives. It frees up energy to live their life with acceptance, joy, and ease - empowered to live life on their own terms.

About Lauren

My name is Lauren Fowler, and I've worked with hundreds of women to heal from eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have the education in nutrition science and the clinical experience to work with medical nutrition issues.

I also draw from therapeutic training and education in eating disorders, intuitive eating, health at every size, and yoga and meditation. I participate in regular supervision from other dietitians and psychotherapists with expertise and experience in eating disorders. I am currently working towards my Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) credential.

My work is holistic and treats you as a whole person. Nutrition counseling and coaching is a combination of nutrition education and counseling, exploration of your beliefs around food, weight, and health, eating together, understanding your body, and creating space for self-care in your life.

Each session is unique. It may involve asking a lot of questions to explore your relationship with food, body-based exercises, creating goals and specific strategies, meal plans for those who need them in eating disorder recovery, or working towards intuitive eating for those who are ready.

I've done this work of self-exploration and transformation for myself first. I know what it's like to obsess about food to create the "perfect" body. I've explored why my food issues were present and learned to deeply nourish myself - mind, body, and heart. I know how to listen to clients and look at the big picture.

My approach is weight-neutral, body positive, and focused around your needs as an individual. I focus on scientifically based nutrition guidance, which means I don't encourage diets, detoxes, or restriction.

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What to Expect

Before this session, you'll fill out an in-depth questionnaire for me to review your history, current eating habits and beliefs about food, your relationship with food, your body, and any goals you have.

In the initial session by phone or Skype (60 minutes), we'll dive right in and start creating an initial plan. We'll discuss your fears, break down beliefs, and I'll provide any nutrition education or resources to guide you.

An intro session is how I start working with new clients.

All sessions include a PDF of notes from the session and helpful resources or handouts, as needed.

60-minute intro session: $150

Click to register below, and I'll reach out to send you the pre-call questionnaire, connect with you, and schedule a time to talk.

*Check out my about me or my food philosophy pages to get an idea of my coaching style as well.

**By purchasing this coaching service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Ongoing Sessions:

After an intro session, if you decide you want to continue, we can work together ongoing with follow-up sessions.

It is highly encouraged to work together with two monthly 50-minute sessions for a minimum of 3 months - in order to see real transformation and dig deep. Remember, this isn't another quick-fix diet!

However, everyone's needs - and financial situations - are different, so follow-ups can be individualized in frequency.

This is for you if you're committed to recover from an eating issue - and willing to feel uncomfortable. Fear will come up as you look at your beliefs and behaviors around food, but when you're ready to do the work, transformation happens.

Individual Follow-Ups

  • 50-minute sessions: $97
  • PDF of notes, resources or handouts, and a meal plan (if part of your care) after sessions

You're Ready If...

  • You're tired of feeling controlled by food.
  • You're overwhelmed by stress and anxiety about every food decision in your day.
  • You're ready to feel good in your body.
  • You know there is another way - and you're ready to try out another path.
  • You're ready to practice courage in your recovery and life.
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Other Services Offered:

Dietitian Coaching or Q & A

  • 50-minute call: $97
  • If you're a dietitian or student and have questions related to running a private practice, starting a blog, growing a business, or a non-diet approach with clients, this is for you.
  • I started in private practice 4 months after receiving my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credential - and have grown my local and online coaching practice since then. I've also been blogging for over 3 years and written and launched 2 popular ebooks.
  • I know the strategy, resources, and mindset to growing a nutrition business  - and am always learning. My business is heart-centered, and I don't use spammy marketing and stick to my core values. I do believe this takes commitment, courage, and time.
  • I'm also happy to discuss how to take a non-diet, intuitive eating, health at every size approach with clients.
  • I'll answer your questions and we'll strategize a plan together for your goals and desires.
  • Please email me at with your interest for this service!

**Terms + Conditions:

  • I require 24 hour notice if you need to schedule or cancel a session. Please email me 24 hours before a scheduled session, or that session will be lost.
  • My schedule is often packed, and my time is valuable, so please be on time for our sessions. I will be on time for our sessions as well. I will be available to wait for up to 20 minutes into a session, but if you are not on time after that, you will have to forfeit that session. I often plan for up to an hour before sessions, and we won't be able to have an effective session with minimal time.
  • I do not offer refunds or discounts for coaching sessions.
  • Of course, circumstances come up. If something abruptly comes up, let me know what happened, and I will try to work with you to figure something out. Please be honest.
  • Show up! By showing up on time and ready to work for our sessions, it means you are putting in effort to heal your relationship with food.