My intention is to provide whole-person nourishment.

It's time to get away from our diet-crazed culture and create a balanced relationship with food to nourish our bodies with good food, savor all foods, and approach eating from a self-loving perspective. Explore my basic food philosophy that I personally follow and use. Feel free to save or share this image!

Food Philosophy Lauren Fowler RDN


My goal is to break down the confusion and get back to the basics: delicious, whole foods. Nutrition shouldn't be complicated. Eating is one of our basic forms of self-care, but it gets so complicated with diet rules and calorie counts. I'll break down food myths to get to the facts, help you listen to your own body, and feel motivated and inspired to eat whole foods. I draw on aspects of foundational and new nutrition research, Ayurveda and ancient wisdom, and intuitive eating.

Whole, Nourishing, Delicious Foods

I prioritize nutrient-dense, whole foods that are nourishing to our body and mind. These are generally fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, unprocessed whole grains or pseudo-grains, beans, legumes, and high-quality animal proteins. Research (and experience!) has shown the benefit of eating a mostly plant-based, colorful diet. For some, that may include some high-quality animal products like grass-fed, organic meats, eggs, and fish while others feel best on a vegetarian or vegan diet. These ingredients can be used to create delicious, creative meals!


Food is meant to be enjoyed! Eating delicious meals in a mindful way can be an incredibly pleasurable experience - many of us have comforting memories of eating home cooked meals with friends or family. By taking time to cook and enjoy your food, you can engage all your senses to have satisfying eating experiences. You can create a healthy relationship with food by filling yourself up with truly satisfying foods - rather than low-calorie or diet foods.  Get creative in the kitchen and explore new tastes or flavors! You can start to approach food from a balanced, flexible mindset.

Food Philosophy - Lauren Fowler RDN

Value-Based Eating

Food is more than simply fuel. Your food decisions can be a way to connect to your personal values for the environment, ethics, or supporting local farmers. This could mean choosing to eat local and seasonal foods, or buying  humanely raised animal products, or shopping at farmer's markets. This can also mean allowing to choose food based on nutrition, quality, or taste. Every food decisions doesn't have to be purely nutrition - you're allowed to eat and savor a food simply because it tastes good!

Honor your Body

Start to connect to your own body when it comes to food. Eating is a unique experience, and everyone has their own style of eating, food preferences, and values. Explore what your body is telling you from from its hunger or fullness cues or cravings. Allow yourself to eat to nourish and enjoy food without guilt or shame. Start to build a trusting relationship with your body and respect it. This allows you to take the focus away from diets or weight and onto creating healthy habits that support your body and health.

Whole-Person Wellbeing

Food and nutrition is only one aspect of your health. Living well is a holistic approach from eating well, listening to your body, moving your body, sleeping, developing a supportive community, managing stress, and exploring your emotional, mental, or spiritual wellbeing. Supporting all aspects of your wellbeing allows you to create a satisfying, connected life rather than obsessing about food or fitness.

Food Philosophy - Lauren Fowler RDN

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