Lauren Fowler Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and yoga teacher, specializing in nutrition therapy for eating disorders and disordered eating.

Through a non-diet, weight-neutral approach, I guide people to improve their relationship with food, their body, and their heart. My approach is grounded in intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, embodied movement, nutrition science, compassionate self-care.

I help people stop controlling their food and learn to trust the wisdom of the body.

We've been taught to follow diets, count calories, and ignore our bodies. We've been given contradicting lists of good and bad foods to follow, while feeling guilty if we stray away from our food rules.

Our culture is obsessed with food and weight, and we've been told it's our duty for our health and beauty standards to lose weight.

You are truly allowed to eat what you want, when you want, and how much you want. You don't need to set rules around food or feel guilty about eating anything.

I believe in:

  • Reclaiming our power around food.
  • Ditching the diets. Honoring the body's wisdom.
  • Gentle, individualized nutrition. Nutrition doesn't have to be overcomplicated or riddled with fad diets, detoxes, or myths. I provide nutrition education that is evidenced-based and individualized.
  • A health-based focus, rather than weight focus - with all aspects of health like mental, emotional, and social health as important as physical health.
  • Body positivity - appreciating all bodies and body diversity.
  • Intuitive, gentle movement.
  • Nourishing ourselves fully - our bodies, minds, and hearts.
  • Recovery from eating disorders or disordered eating patterns.

I want you to...

  • Make peace with food.
  • Nourish yourself fully.
  • Learn to find trust and acceptance in your body.
  • Learn to listen to your body's wisdom around food and movement - eat and move joyfully and with ease!
  • Feel free from the food and body/weight obsessions.

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Experience & Expertise

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have education in nutrition science, graduating summa cum laude with my Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science from the University of Vermont, and completing my dietetic internship at Brigham & Women's Hospital.

I have worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient, partial hospitalization, and residential treatment programs for adults and adolescents with eating disorders. I have completed specialized training in eating disorders and therapeutic tools and participate in regular supervision from other dietitians and psychotherapists with expertise in eating disorders. I am currently working towards my Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) credential.

You can read more about my professional education, training, and affiliations below.

I've Been There Too...

Like most women in our world these days, I know what it's like to obsess about food or the "perfect" body. I was a pro at that in my teens and early 20s. Through discovering Intuitive Eating - and later on Health at Every Size and body positivity - I've done the work of self-exploration and transformation for myself first.

I've learned to nourish myself, so I eat what I want, when I want. I accept and truly love my body, and I no longer feel body shame. Most importantly, I'm always learning to listen to my deeper heart hungers - and nourish myself through connection, self-care, pleasure, and all the essential life 'nutrients' I crave.

About Me

  • I adore traveling + adventures. One of my favorites has been living in a tree house in Costa Rica for a month!
  • A year and a half ago, I moved from Vermont to the Bay Area of California for sunshine & adventures.
  • Speaking of adventure, I love skydiving and have been twice so far (once at sunset + once to celebrate my anniversary with my love!).
  • Yoga is my therapy - for mind, body, soul. It's my way to breathe, move, and love myself way through this messy life.
  • After years of seeking perfection, I'm owning my sensitivity, vulnerable, gentle parts. Brene Brown's books have been the catalyst for this work - deepening my personal and professional life.
  • Other favorite books of mine lately are Women Who Run with the Wolves, Eastern Body, Western Mind, and Eating in the Light of the Moon.
  • What lights me up... Hiking with my boxer pup, music, cuddles, chocolate, sunsets, books, deep conversations with clients + friends, laughing with friends, spontaneous adventures, listening to my intuition and heart, creative movement, trail running, traveling.
Lauren Fowler RDN
Lauren Fowler RDN

Professional Credentials, Training, Education

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Dietetic Internship, Brigham & Women's Hospital
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science, University of Vermont
  • Eating Disorder Supervision with fellow dietitians and psychotherapists
  • Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorder Workshop with Marci Anderson Evans, CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian)
  • Workshops in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
  • 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, All You Can Yoga

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Vermont Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor (MD). The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with nutrition and food, not to provide medical advice. The views on this website do not necessarily reflect the values, thoughts, or opinions of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or any current employer. My nutrition and lifestyle views are influenced by my education, professional experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and evidence-based information. 

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