Slow Down & Be Gentle with Yourself

Slow down.

I'm writing this post after a serious day of procrastination. I stayed in bed for longer than usual and woke up tired.

At first, I really let this affect me and heard voices of my inner critic show up - "You should be writing," "You have so much to do - why are you wasting your day on social media?"

Slow Down & Be Gentle with Yourself

I gave myself permission to step away from the computer and take care of myself in the moment. I need movement to spark my creativity and just be in the moment. I threw on my latest favorite song - Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding - and just flowed on my yoga mat.



With grace and strength.

(side note - check out Meghan Currie's yoga videos on moving slow with incredible strength)

I didn't try to force my body into any cool-looking inversions or hold plank for minutes on end. I simply moved in a way that felt good to me in the moment. Like juicy hip & shoulder openers complete with puppy kisses.

After a few songs, I was in a whole new state of mind. The underlying anxiety popping up about my 'to-do' list was dissolving, as I started to be gentle to myself and my inner critic.

Gentleness will rescue me every time. 

I can't force creativity. Many days, it is procrastination, and just 'doing the work' is enough to get ideas flowing.

Yet, other days, I need a break. And that's okay.

Forcing things or "fighting" fear just doesn't work. I've tried it. By listening to my fears - and being gentle with those parts of me - things shift in me.

It was only by slowing down that I got the inspiration for this post. Clarity returned, as I realized I was honoring my body by taking a break.

Slow down & savor the moment.

Nourish your body with movement, sleep, or just pure rest.

This is true self-care for me - recognizing what I need in each moment and accepting it.

Cycles are a natural part of life. Things ebb and flow. I need both times of energetic creativity and times of slow living and reflection.

As women especially, we have monthly cycles that we can honor - rather than fight.

Mid-way through my cycle around ovulation, I'm energetic, wake up ready to move, and so focused.

This time of the month - a week before my period - I'm moving slower and introspective. Many women hate this time of month and label it as PMS where they are craving chocolate, feel irritable, and blah.

Instead, what if you took this time as a cue to slow down? It's a time to go inward, savor chocolate, and sleep more.

So, that's exactly what I'm doing after writing this post - I'm turning off my work, even though I didn't check much off my to-do list (it's okay). I'm curling up with a cup of tea and a book. I'm going to a ladies-only candelit yoga flow to celebrate Valentine's Day early and self-love tonight.

Honestly, I love this natural cycle because it gives me a chance to energize and socialize, with time to rest and restore. I need both, so much.

I'll leave with a quote from one of my favorite books - Eating in the Light of the Moon by Anita Johnston:

"If we honored the inherent wisdom of our bodies, we would learn to listen, to treat them with respect instead of judgment, and to experience them as sacred messengers that brings us information about our physical needs, our innermost feelings, and our individual internal rhythms."

I'd love to hear from you:

  • How can you SLOW down today?