WholeYou Podcast #2: Morning Routines & Building Habits

The WholeYou: the Mind + Body + Spirit Show

WholeYOU: The Mind + Body + Spirit Show

Welcome back to our second episode of WholeYou!

Thank you all SO much for your comments and thoughts on our first show - check it out here on body image and self-compassion. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your thoughts. If you like the show, subscribe on iTunes for automatic shows or leave a review!

We decided to chat about morning routines for our second show because we both love hearing about each other's and our own morning routines. Taking time in the morning - even 5-10 minutes - can be a powerful way to set up your day rather than rushing into emails and work first-thing. The beauty of it is you can build a morning routine that will work for you, so have fun exploring some of the morning rituals we mention, then create one you enjoy!

If you'd like, hop on over to Instagram and share your morning routine with the hashtag #wholeyou, so we can see!

We had so much fun recording and chatting in our second show about:

  • Our personal morning routines and how they've evolved
  • The power of movement in the morning
  • How to build a meditation practice
  • Why sleep is so important for morning routines
  • Why flexibility is essential for morning routines
  • How to build habits that work for you
  • How to discover your natural habit-building tendency - Are you a questioner? Obliger? Rebel? Upholder?

We'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts, so if you take a listen, please leave a comment on your thoughts, or any questions or ideas you have.

So, go ahead and take a listen!

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