WholeYou #3: Dealing with Unhelpful Thoughts

The WholeYou: the Mind + Body + Spirit Show

WholeYOU: The Mind + Body + Spirit Show

Welcome back to our third episode of WholeYou!

Thank you all for your comments and thoughts on our first two shows. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen and share your thoughts. If you like the show, subscribe on iTunes for automatic shows or leave a review!

In this show, we chat about dealing with 'unhelpful' thoughts. We don't learn these tools in school or growing up, which is why this topic is so important! Remember these tools are practices, so give them a try and explore which ones work for you.

Here's what we chat about:

  • Why we don't label unhelpful thoughts as "negative"
  • How avoidance can make things worse - "What we resist, persists."
  • Does 'thought-stopping' work?
  • Why you can't 'affirm' your way out of painful experiences
  • Physical, mental, and spiritual tools to help you
  • The power of curiosity and observing your thoughts
  • Lauren's experience in a float tank

We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts, so if you take a listen, please leave a comment on your thoughts, or any questions or ideas you have.

So, go ahead and take a listen!

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