WholeYou #1: Body Image & Self Compassion

Welcome to our new project!

The WholeYou: the Mind + Body + Spirit Show

WholeYOU: The Mind + Body + Spirit Show

I loved the audio of a podcast because I listen to them all the time in the car or out for walks. I love how you can really dig deep into a topic and hear the personalities and thoughts of the host, that isn't always possible through writing.

Of course, writing on my blog is my comfort zone and my favorite way to express myself. At first, when thinking about a podcast, I had so much fear about just talking freely. I tell my clients and readers here all the time to take risks and get out of your comfort zone, so it was time to listen to my own advice!

I hope you truly enjoy our first show. We had so much fun recording and chatting all about:

  • A little about us and this podcast
  • Our views on the "pursuit of healing"
  • Body image, mindset, and why you're not "broken"
  • Beach & Bikini bodies (the hot topic of the summer) and what it means
  • How to work on the two key aspects of body image
  • Self-compassion vs self-esteem
  • How to actually practice self compassion

WholeYou is a show all about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It's centered around the idea that you are already whole as you are, and you don't need to be 'fixed.' The pursuit of healing is simply a journey, so take it step by step where you are. Healing your relationship with food or your body image may start with the mind or body but definitely digs deep into your heart and deeper hungers.

We'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts, so if you take a listen, please leave a comment on your thoughts, or any questions or ideas you have. We're hoping to get it up on iTunes soon too, so bear with us.

So, go ahead and take a listen!

Show Notes & Quotes

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