2014: Reflection Rituals, Lessons, & Celebration!


I don't set grandiose New Year's resolutions and goals (anymore), and I'll be sharing my process for creating simple yet powerful INTENTIONS for the New Year. The week between Christmas and New Year's seems like time to relax and rest before the energy of the New Year starts up. Of course, I've been spending it in reflective mode, while listening to this fun mash-up of Taylor Swift songs.

2014 Reflection, Rituals, Lessons, & Celebration

Reflection Rituals vs Resolutions

Reflection is often the missing link of setting big resolutions. There's nothing wrong with setting goals. It's just the intention behind them (there's that word again) and creating rituals to reflect, rest, celebrate, and let go.

You need to make SPACE to move forward and build new - new habits, mindsets, and more.

So, let's celebrate 2014 together with a few thoughts from my reflective rituals. I'm a junkie for any workbooks or reflective work, so I took time to do a few (Unravelling 2015 & the Desire Map).

I really encourage you to set aside an hour or so to sit down with a journal or one of those resources, and dig into 2014. Set intentions or make a vision board for 2015. Make it a luxurious ritual with tea (or wine), a candle, music, or whatever feels special for you.

2014 Intentions: Open. Connection. Flow. Vibrant.

2014 can be summed up into a few words: Trust. Open (heart). Connection (myself + others). Flow (finding the balance between work, rest, play). Clarity. Creativity. Spontaneity. Yes, at times anxiety and fear-producing, which I've realized is a big CLUE to dig deeper and choose love instead.

I'm thrilled to share that my core desired feelings from The Desire Map of 2014 were open, connection, vibrant, and flow, and I really took them to heart.

My core desired feelings of 2015 are: Freedom. Embodied. Playful. Blissful.

Celebrating 2014!2014 Recap in Photos - Mindful Meals

  • I stopped my oncology nutrition counseling job and went all-in on this beautiful business. (and built an incredible amount of trust with myself)
  • I started coaching amazing clients virtually here and here and locally (connection & flow - these sessions are semi-planned but mostly just flow in the moment).
  • I did a few workshops and talks and felt such a buzz of energy after.
  • I wrote an ebook - a 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge! It's still on a holiday sale :)
  • I laughed, played, danced outside and with friends this summer at my family's camp, some best friends' weddings, hiking, yoga, skydiving. Falling in love with play + spontaneity!
  • I joined a new, incredible yoga studio and fell in love with restorative yoga and BUTI yoga (pretty much opposites but totally fun).
  • I wrote multiple journals, read 25ish books (some of my favorites here, here, here, and here), meditated, moved my body out of love, and opened up to share my personal journey.
  • I cleaned out my closet multiple times to get rid of clothes I didn't LOVE or wear and make space for gorgeous, new ones I love (like my new blue, merino wool sweater - feels so good).
  • I connected with tons of new blogging & coaching friends with this podcast, a new ebook I'm writing with Valerie at Waking Up in Wonder, and did a bunch of fun and inspirational interviews on my site and elsewhere.
  • I invested in my business & blog with books, an amazing course with such a powerful community of women, a new logo coming soon (!!), and just putting in the time and effort.
  • I went to a tiki bar and turtle sanctuary in Florida, a conference in Atlanta, helped coach college cross country, and spent a lot of time outdoors hiking, running, walking, yoga-ing.
  • We lost our family dog - Goldy but celebrated her playful, joyful life.
  • I created powerful rituals - like my morning routine, using my menstrual cycle (& seasonal cycles) to rest, create, play, and go inward, and creating my non-negotiables.
  • I gained weight (yup) and feel the most comfortable with my body I've ever felt (and feel beautiful, strong, feminine too).
  • I connected with my DESIRES and finally understood the practices of play AND rest, of listening to my fears and coaching myself, of decisions made from nourishment and love.

Above is just a handful of accomplishments of the year. By reflecting on what I did in 2014, I can't let myself fall into negative stories about what I DIDN'T do or how much time I wasted. I didn't waste time - that's time I was exploring nature, connecting with friends, resting, and living my life. These are how I connect to my  intuition and build self-love and trust in my life.

This is a never-ending journey to reflect, rest, celebrate, let go, make space, and dive deeper into yourself. You don't have to "fix" yourself - you just have to connect back to your inner self. When you view this as a journey, it feels like a canvas to play, explore, and discover. You can't do things right or wrong - you're just here to remove boundaries, and explore love.

Your Favorite Posts of 2014

Now that I finished my short "intro," here's a recap of yours and my favorite posts here from 2014. Read or re-read the ones that interest you.

I so so so appreciate you for reading, sharing, and spending time with me here. In 2015, I just want to continue to connect with you amazing women to help heal your relationship with food, discover your vibrant health, build a better body image, and connect to your intuition to live a life in alignment with your values.

If you want to stay up-to-date with weekly posts and updates (& my free Break Up with Diets Challenge), you can join the tribe and my newsletter here.

Stay tuned for a post about setting intentions for 2015, and enjoy your New Year's. I'll be celebrating with my love and friends and taking daily steps towards feeling freedom, embodied, playful, and blissful. I can't wait to discover 2015 with all of you :)

I'd love to hear:

  • How are you CELEBRATING 2014? Make a list of everything you did. Celebrate!
  • What did you learn about yourself in 2014?

Happy New Year's!