Thinspiration + Yoga, Ayurvedic Self-Care, & Gluten-Free Jokes (april links)


Hola amigas! I'm off to Spain for a much-needed vacation the next two-ish weeks, but didn't want to leave the blog empty. We haven't done a round-up post in a while, so I threw together a TON of my favorite posts that I've read lately (I'm always reading...) for you all.

I'm taking a mini-break from social media while I'm gone, but I'm sure I'll be all over Instagram, so let's connect over there. If you've been to Barcelona, Valencia, or Murcia, let me know what I MUST check out. My only plans so far are to walk around, explore, eat paella, drink vino, & practice the Spanish I learned back in high school. I've been practicing using the Duolingo app, which actually has been fantastic and super fun!

Hope your Spring has been lovely so far. As the weather starts warming up, I can also noticing a change in my mood and energy towards growth. The winter is typically a time of reflection and inner focus, so it's nice to see blooming happening in the inside of me, as well as hopefully outside with flowers. Embrace the seasonal changes!

April Links

Lovely Links & Quotes

"Each of us is such a powerful being. You are so capable of offering yourself healing when you need it and you are so deserving of doing things that feel therapeutic for you."

  • Use the 8 C's: calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, creativity, courage, and connectedness to accept ALL parts of yourself. My co-author Valerie gives an introduction to a powerful therapeutic tool called Internal Family Systems (IFS) and explains why your eating disorder isn't actually your enemy.
  • I can't tell you how many clients feel guilty for taking time for themselves. Self-care is not's necessary. By taking care of yourself and infusing your days with simple pleasures like this at-home-spa idea, you'll feel refreshed and restored...and so pampered!
  • A little more on self-care: "Self-care, just like self-love, is an ongoing practice. It requires that we show up every day, that we devote wholeheartedly to ourselves."

You have to Feel it to Heal it. The power of vulnerability and sharing your story.

"I say that it's important to be healthy and happy and visible, no matter what your size. I say that even if you aren't in your personal-best shape, that doesn't mean you should hide out until you're a socially acceptable size. I say that respecting your body with real love is the primary step in health."

  • Laughing so hard. "Gluten free living used to be a luxury only for the few with a gluten allergy. Gluten Freedom can now be yours with the new age wisdom."
  • Always worth repeating. Good health is built on the basics, and I will never stop stressing the importance of sleep.


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