Ditch the Comparison Trap to Discover BODYpeace

Earlier this year, I was using a lot of guided meditations - my favorite being Bex at BexLife. I came across a series she had done with this lady Heather Waxman in their #goloveyourselfchallenge. Total game-changer. These ladies made meditation easy and fun, especially when I was looking for guided meditations that weren't hours long. So, obviously, I had to explore to learn all about Heather, and I quickly became a fan of her blog. After having an eating disorder, she re-framed her "recovery" journey to a DISCOVERY journey. I absolutely loved this because it's all about discovery. Recovery is such a tricky word to use, and it's more about discovering all parts of yourself.

Eating disorder "recovery" is sometimes viewed as doing everything their treatment team tells them to do - following a meal plan, going to therapy, and not using eating disorder behaviors. It's SO much more than that. Just following a new set of 'rules' won't lead to a very fulfilling life. Looking at your journey as a place to explore and discover is an empowering way to view it. There's no rules in discovery - after all, it's all your journey.

When Heather asked if I wanted to take a peek at her new book with Kasey Arena called BODYpeace, of course, I jumped on that offer. It's a 30-day guidebook towards discovering your bodypeace journey and filled with insights, journal prompts (where the magic happens!), and bonus meditations.

Ditch the Comparison Trap to Find BODYPEACE

Finding BODYpeace is essential to heal your relationship with food.

If you hate your body, then you likely won't trust yourself around food. On the flip side, finding BODYpeace will help you develop self-trust.

I read through the daily challenges and wanted to share a few of my favorites.

One of Heather's days is all about removing shame from your diet. Powerful, right?

BODYshame is destructive. Heather shares a few things that BODYshame may say, like "How can you possibly achieve body freedom when you just binged on a whole bag of kettle corn last night. You're such a hypocrite," and "Because I was 'bad' yesterday, I'm going to make up for it by being 'good' today." It's the perfectionism that leads to our all or nothing thoughts and behaviors.

Yet, you can start to challenge these BODYshame thoughts to create BODYpeace. Find self-compassion.

Share your stories or struggles with someone you trust, so the shame isn't allowed to grow bigger and bigger inside of you.

Another powerful challenge Heather shares is all about the COMPARISON trap.

She speaks the truth here...

"In order to love your body later, you have to start loving the body you have now. And that means, moment by moment, redirecting your thoughts to unconditional love. What does that mean? It means being really gentle with yourself and really compassionate toward yourself as you shift your thoughts from limiting thoughts to loving thoughts. It means feeding yourself words of BODYpeace instead of feeding yourself words of BODYshame. Remember - you can’t self- hate yourself into self-acceptance. You have to self-accept yourself into self-acceptance."

Powerful, right? While I don't find myself comparing my body to others these days (but instead celebrate body diversity!), comparison can totally show up in my life in other ways. I can compare my business/blog to others - they MUST have more readers than I do, look at how great their posts are AND they write everyday, their coaching business has a waitlist. Jealous!

Yet, comparison doesn't help me. All I'm doing is creating a gap between me and that other person. I just make myself feel bad, which doesn't usually lead to inspiration and creativity. Instead, what I've been doing is celebrating the other person by reaching out via email to share how their latest blogposts have been really great, sharing their articles with my community, and becoming friends.

Ladies, I know many of you are struggling to find BODYpeace or peace with food. This book will guide you along your discovery journey. You have to look at your belief systems and relationship with your body to find BODYpeace. BODYpeace not only offers daily challenges for 30-days, but bonus meditations, their own stories, guided workouts, and a Facebook community full of supportive and wonderful women (I know, I'm in it!).

I'd love to hear from you:

  • How can you find BODYpeace instead of BODYshame?
  • How can you let go of comparison?