Carbs, Undereating, & Curvy Yogi: June Favorites

Summer's here, and I'm loving this time of year! I really thrive in the warm weather when I can head out to my backyard for a yoga break or eat lunch in the middle of the day. I have a few new blog posts planned for this month, especially on CARBS, since apparently carbs/gluten/sugar/grains are the devil. Joking, but there are definitely a lot of misconceptions, fact manipulations, and fears around carbs that I want to clear up, along with just approach the idea that everyone's diet can and should be different. That's the beauty of intuitive eating!

Some people may naturally do better on a lower-carb diet while I definitely do not (and actually thrive having plenty of whole carbs in my diet). If you have any carb fears, misconceptions, or questions for me to talk about in the blog post, leave them in the comments below!

I've also been spending a lot more time being intentional over on Instagram - my favorite social media site! It's so fun, playful, and beautiful with all the images. I've been doing micro-blog posts with short posts, thoughts, or rants on topics around body image, nutrition, or intuitive eating over there, so I'd love to connect there @laurenfowlerRDN.

June Favorites

What I'm Writing...

I am Powerful

What I'm Reading: Books...

  • It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell - I loved this book! It's a quick read, but the stories are so vivid, and she's a great writer. It's a memoir on her relationship with food (and her body, family, and more) since a child from using food as pleasure, comfort, and her best friend/enemy to using food and exercise in an obsessive way. Through her stories, she finds peace with food, her body, and ultimately herself. I highly recommend this book, and it's a great summer read!

What I'm Reading: Articles...

  • Check your motivations when it comes to exercise (so you don't feel crazy around it). Are you exercising because you ate "too much" today or in an obsessive way? Or to take care of your body and because it feels physically and mentally good? Isabel Foxen Duke lays it out in a clear way on How to Not Feel Crazy around Exercise
  • Luckily, yoga is for all bodies. While most of time time we may see thin/fit/flexible yogis, the practice of yoga has nothing to do with how strong or flexible you are. I love this post on "I'm a Curvy Yogi... So What?" because it's all about being present and loving your body, as it is.
  • "I eat healthy and live a healthy life SO that I can enjoy a rich, pleasurable, fashionable, comfortable, blissful, beautiful, rich, passionate, playful, creative, and overly fun life." Carly's take on going from strict raw foodie to intuitive eating is refreshing in the health world, and I love her new site and the "Intuition Kitchen" ebook there.
  • (Warning: This may cause wanderlust): I just discovered this girl's blog last week, and I've found myself devouring her posts and daydreaming of heading to the airport and flying to somewhere exotic. Luckily, I've got myself a trip to Costa Rica at the end of this month, but Camille is really breaking the myths that many people have about traveling (How to Travel the World when you've got Absolutely No Money). For me, it's prioritizing travel into my budget and life - I'd rather save for a trip than spend money on clothes or going out to eat every week.
  • The Role of Yoga in the Treatment of Eating Disorders by Anastasia Nevin - "The ultimate goal of recovery is in fact yoga: re-connecting and integrating all parts of the self to live a more intuitive, peaceful, and soulful life."

What I'm Listening to...

  • Susan Cain: Introverts, Power, and the Quiet Revolution at Good Life Project Podcast - This podcast is a must-listen for everyone. She says about one-third of the population are introverts, but introversion in our country is often treated as something to be "fixed" in the world that "can't stop talking." Yet, she explores the creative and social power of introverts, and it was great listening to it, as an introvert myself. Her book Quiet is also great.
  • Transform your Relationship with Food (and yourself) with Isabel Foxen Duke at The Brave Exchange Podcast. Isabel's great on podcasts because she's so articulate and funny, but this is a wonderful exploration of intuitive eating (why it's not enough) and why you have to stop body shaming and start accepting your body.

What I'm Eating...

  • I used to make these every year at camp - so many good memories! Make these Campfire Banana Boats from Nutrition Stipped this summer, okay?
  • A friend made this type of salad last month, and I devoured it! Watermelon Feta Salad (with mint!) from EmpoweredRD.
  • BBQ Tahini Power Bowl from Veggies Don't Bite. I love making big salads/bowls like this for lunch - so many yummy ingredients, all in one meal!

What are you reading or watching these days? Share below! I'd love to hear what books are on your summer reading list too.


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