My Wellness: 5 Easy Rituals for a Healthy Day

One thing I used to do all.the.time is browse Self or Shape magazines looking for the perfect diet plans, nutrition tips, or workouts that would get me to "perfect health." That glowing, energetic, thin, gorgeous, active, and totally happy & put together woman that I imagined all the magazine models and wellness gurus were. Yes, while health was in the back of my mind, my honest intentions were all around being thin and toned.

Those models surely never had any of their own struggles, right? Or if they did, it was all in the past.

Once I got over my perfectionism (correction: I'm still working through it. Thank you Brene Brown), I realized that I am my own health guru. I can be glowing, energetic, gorgeous, active, and happy today...without changing a single thing, except my thoughts.

How I Stay Well 5 Easy Rituals for a Healthy Day

I can devote my energy into figuring out what foods, activity, sleep, and tools work best for my body and being.

I can experiment. I can play around. What I eat today isn't what I'll have to eat for life. What I do today is today, not my entire life.

It brings a sense of play and liberation to the whole journey of health. My health is my own story - I don't have to eat veggie-packed meals every day, I can take a day to just lay around and rest, and I can try all sorts of new tools like meditation, tapping, green juices, and new foods.

Same with you. Your journey is unique. How incredible is that! You have the power to take control of your health, and play around. You have time to experiment and figure out what is working for you in that day, week, month, or year. It's always changing - a journey, remember?

That said, here are 5 of my daily rituals for an energized, healthy day.

Give one or all of them a try, and share your favorites below!

1. Morning Movement

Morning is made of magical moments and quiet, and I've shared my love for a morning routine before. Moving my body - running, walk, yoga - helps energize and get blood flowing throughout my body. It awakens joints that may be tighter and gets creative juices in my mind flowing to prepare me for the day. Somedays, I may do a full yoga class or a run while other days, I'll run through a short 5-20 minute yoga flow or a quick walk outdoors. Getting outside to move always makes me feel alive, and it helps recalibrate my body to the circadian rhythms in nature.

Your turn: Find movement you enjoy, and add just 5-10 minutes into your morning. Think of it as an energizing boost that's better than coffee.

2. Greens all day long.

It's summer here, so there's fresh greens everywhere I look. The farmer's market is loaded with greens - kale, collards, chard - and lucky for me, it's warm enough outside to be writing this post on a bed of glorious, green grass. Green veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting phytonutrients, and I highly recommend aiming to get a few servings of them in daily. I get them in with sauteed kale + eggs, green smoothies or juices, a big plate of kale chips, sauteed chard in coconut oil, or veggies like broccoli or asparagus as side dishes. I notice the difference in how my body feels when I'm missing greens in my day.

Your turn: Fill your fridge with your favorite greens, and mix them into your day in different ways (think beyond salads).

3. Meditation (or quiet + slow-down time)

Meditation is a game-changer. I start my day off with a 5-10 minute meditation (either guided or a timer), and it brings me back to myself. The quiet space I create helps me figure out how I'm feeling, any resistance or anxiety in my life, and connects me to my intuition. Somedays, I use things like journaling, yoga, or running as forms of moving meditation. It brings me back into balance and helps bring awareness into how I'm feeling. There's no need to try to control your thoughts or be "good" at meditation; just simply take the time to be quiet and listen.

Your turn: Try out a short meditation. I like the apps Lucent and Breathe for guided meditations and a timer.

4. Tea+ lemon water

Hydration is key for energy, and even I get sick of plain water at times! I start most days with warm lemon water, then rely on lots of delicious herbal teas during the day. My favorites are ginger (wonderful for inflammation + digestion), licorice (sweet-tasting for my sweet tooth), and peppermint. Of course, I still hydrate with water and will add lemon, cucumbers, mint, and other flavors to spice things up. If you notice yourself feeling drained or tired during the day, ask yourself if you've been staying well-hydrated?

Your turn: Go pour yourself a big glass of water and make a cup of tea.

5. A big, nourishing lunch.

Lunch is typically my biggest meal. I'm noticably hungry mid-day, even with a big breakfast. My metabolism seems to prefer a big, balanced lunch, good-sized breakfast, and smaller yet satisfying dinner. Most days, I'll also have a snack or two, but a nourishing lunch is what my body craves. I love taking my lunch outside to sit on the grass for a mindful meal, especially in this gorgeous summer weather. Other days, my eating schedule is completely different (hello, intuitive eating), and that's totally okay with me.

Your turn: Think about when you are the hungriest. Nourish yourself.

There ya go - 5 of my top, easy health rituals. Give them a try - they are easy, affordable, and work wonders for my health.

Let's start a list below with your favorite health rituals - share below!

  1. What are your top TWO daily health rituals?

  2. What do you do everyday to feel energized and well?