Featured Dietitian: McKel Hill

Today, I have another wonderful dietitian to feature. McKel Hill, MS, RD, LDN of Nutrition Stripped is here to share her words of advice and what she does on a daily basis as a RD.

mckel hill

How did you decide to become a Registered Dietitian (RD/RDN)?

I first became extremely intrigued with nutrition on a purely performance level- with sports nutrition, fitness and athletics. After I became engaged and absorbed in the study of nutrition sciences and learning how fueling (or lack of proper fueling) your body can make or break how you perform physically, I began to also realize the impact mentally. (Note I was never a collegiate athlete, simply recreational and weight lifting).

I engrossed my studies into the psychological aspect of nutrition my sophomore year in college due to a phenomenal philosophy class and incorporated areas such as plant-based eating, mindful eating, and more. To this day I challenge myself, always question what the public is told (even as a nutrition professional), and come to my own conclusion using science, application, first hand experience, and practice as my backbone. [Lauren here: I completely agree! Food is not just fuel. It's nourishment for the body, mind, & soul.]

What do you do as a dietitian?

I have a nutrition coaching business, which can be seen at Nutrition Stripped in the Services section, which is my main focus. I also do freelance writing, run and operate Nutrition Stripped (marketing, recipe development, design, photography, etc.), and I work as an employee wellness health coach with a company in Nashville. 

More importantly my mission to help my clients and anyone who interacts with my social communities like the blog, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.; to share nutrition information and challenge people to go back to basics of eating whole real foods, connecting with the source of their food, and truly making changes from the inside out to live a long healthy life. It's not about just extending life, it's about LIVING life.

What is your favorite part of being a dietitian?

Connecting with people all over the world from diverse backgrounds with one goal in mind, to become healthier! I love being able to share my experiences and knowledge about nutrition to help them reach their optimum health and wellness. Another great aspect of being in the field of nutrition and dietetics is it's constantly challenging, meaning it's always changing and this is a great thing.

What nutrition myth do you hear the most (or is just ridiculous)? What do you say to dispel it?

Eating carbs at night will make you fat. This is just bad science (BROscience), and I point them in the direction of good research or at least research that dispels this myth.

What is your favorite meal or food?

My Stripped Green Smoothie without a doubt! I've had this everyday for almost 8 years (give or take a couple days ha ha). It provides me with lasting energy, fiber, nutrients galore, and it's delicious!

How can you find & connect with you?

Everywhere! Just kidding, I'm on TwitterInstagram (which is my most popular), PinterestLinkedIN, and of course my blog/website Nutrition Stripped.

What advice do you have for future dietitians (students, interns)?

I often get this question a lot from future dietitians and interns.

My greatest piece of advice is this: Have your own voice. There are many dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, and bloggers out there trying to do similar things, what's going to set yourself apart? If someone else has done it, try something else that you're personally passionate about. Speak through your true self and passions not someone else's.

Network! Get to know local dietitians in your area and connect with each other.

Get involved during your academic career outside of school and inside. Meaning, volunteer, take classes that interest you outside of your requirements.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box. We're taught specific things in our schooling as dietitians, learn about a field of nutrition that interests you or an area of health and wellness that you're willing to "think outside of the box" of what we've been taught. There's an every changing world of nutrition-related areas, keep up to date.