Discovering Radiance: Claire Baker (mind-body transformation)

Today, I have the wonderful Claire Baker from This is Lifeblood. She's a coach and writer (of the amazing She is Radiant ebook, which I read + loved!) who helps vibrant young women. Her site and books are so full of passion + pure radiance. Check out her story + resources below! Claire Baker: Discovering Radiance

Every woman has their own unique story. Can you give us a quick version of 'your story' with food or body image?

From the age of about 17, I found myself on a see-saw with food; using food to nourish and heal my body as well as using it to look a certain way. Calorie-counting, crash dieting and meal replacement shakes were the norm for many years! Working on my body image and loving and accepting my body for the amazing vehicle that is, has been a transformative process.

What are the two biggest lessons you learned in order to change your relationship with food/your body?

It all starts with LOVE. If you’re coming from a place of fear (exercising out of fear of getting fat, for example), it’s just not sustainable or enjoyable. Also, your body is the only one you’ve got this time around, so loving it is going to make life a helluva lot more fun and meaningful.

If you could write a letter to your former self, what would you want her to know?

That you don’t really have to choose ONE thing that is your passion; combine them all!

Let's chat tools. What are your favorite books, tools, apps, coaches, etc. that have helped you along your journey.

I love anything by Danielle LaPorte, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and Victoria Moran. Julia Cameron is wonderful for inspiring creativity and Dr. Sandra Cabot revolutionised the way I look at food. I journal, practice yoga, gratitude and meditation and MAKE ART.

What keeps you inspired, alive, and vibrant these days?

My man, my family, my pup, my girlfriends, the ocean, whole foods, love, sex, curiosity and travel.

Rapid fire

  • Favorite place…Home with my fam.
  • Bucket list travel location…Portugal - ticking it off next year!
  • Favorite way to stay active…Loving INTENSE intentional movement circuits with my PT right now.
  • Quote you love?…“Trust the process"

We'd love to support you. What are you working on these days?

I’d love to share my life-changing eBook ‘She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad’, PLUS the follow up eBook ‘The She Is Radiant Toolkit: 36 Truths, Dares & Tools To Guide Your Wellness Adventure’ is out as of October 1!

I've read She is Radiant, and it's spectacular! So gorgeous + full of practical tips + insights.

Check out Claire's work here: