Ditch the Scale: 50+ Better Ways to Measure Health

When it comes to coaching clients, many of them have a really good idea about what a well-balanced, healthy diet looks like. Yes, there's a lot of misinformation out there to clear up, but far and away, I help guide clients to trust their bodies and love themselves. Right now...not when they have lost weight. Whenever I suggest ditching the scale, resistance pops up. I see it right away in clients' eyes, or their straight-up words "Hell, no. I'll gain so much weight if I don't know."

Ditch the Scale: 50+ Better Ways to Measure Health

The truth is:

  • Weight is a number.
  • Health is much, much more. Think: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health...
  • Your self-worth as an amazing human being is not dependent on a number.
  • You won't gain weight by NOT knowing the number. If you lose, gain, or stay the same weight, it's all¬†okay. You're still you. You can still be healthy regardless.

When you ditch the scale, you can focus on how you feel. You can look at other aspects of health that matter, like if you're having regular periods (yes, it matters ladies) or how much energy you have.

If you need a full list of 50+ BETTER ways to measure health besides weight, head on over to the guest post I wrote for my friend Jessica at Delicious Obsessions. It may be the little boost you need to throw out the scale completely. If you need even more encouragement, jump in my free 21-Day Break Up with Diets Challenge (we're still in the first week, so plenty of time to get in!).

I would LOVE to know in the comments below:

  1. Have you ditched the scale?

  2. What's holding you back on throwing out the scale?

  3. How do you measure health?