A Foolproof Cleanse that Takes Less than 10 Minutes

Recently, I had a client come to me and share the stories of a few cleanses she had tried. She tumbled down the rabbit hole of cleanses, falling for incredible claims of gorgeous skin, a flat belly, endless energy, and just pure radiance. I'm not doubting that many people have real-life success stories on a juice cleanse, but for her, it was misery. "Everything that was supposed to happen...happened the opposite for me."

Instead of chalking it up to the cleanse, she just tried another cleanse...and another. She thought it was her fault that she didn't have the energy and healthy glow yet. Luckily, we've done a lot of work together - really, she's done all the work with a little guidance - and it finally clicked for her.

It was the cleanses, diets, detoxes that failed. She had the radiance inside of her all along. She just had to unearth it with her own version of health.

Cleanse that takes less than 10 Minutes

Today, I'm offering a different kind of cleanse.

One that takes less than 10 minutes...and promises you a world of freedom and bliss. Freedom from your inner girl and her judgment. Freedom to create your own health. Design your own view of beauty.

All it takes is a few simple steps.

Declutter the negative.

1. Grab your phone. Turn to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or your most-used social media site.

2. Look for the nutrition, health, or fitness stars you follow. When you see a "transformation" or "fitspiration" post, stop and observe what thoughts and emotions are coming up. Do you feel envious? Are you planning to hit the gym for extra long because you're "not good enough" compared to them? Are they shaming people for eating sugar, gluten, etc.? Fear mongering? Do you feel like a failure after reading? Shaming is never an effective tool for change.

3. Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow. If it's a friend on Facebook, you can simply hide updates from them rather than deleting them as a friend.

4. Remove those diet books from your shelves. Recycle those old health magazines lying around with unrealistic diet plans.

5. Be picky. If you're like me, you check your newsfeed several times a day. When I see promotion of diets or body shaming, it ticks me the wrong way. In the past, I may have felt inspired by these stories and dreamed of the day when I could look like that. I wasn't living in the present, and I sure didn't appreciate my body for what it did for me that day. I'm picky with who I let into my feed these days...I don't need any negative energy.

Make space for the joy.

Instagram Positivity

I bet you already know who you want to keep. The people whose messages you read over and over again because it feels so authentic and open-hearted. The yogis or health bloggers who make health seem exciting, enjoyable, and realistic. The coaches or health professionals that share from a place of health at every size, speak of intuitive or mindful eating, and gently encourage ditching the scales and taking a loving approach towards health and your body.

1. Keep them, like them, share their message. Let your friends know how amazing these people are.

2. Spread the message in your own words that health is enjoyable, accessible for everyone...at all shapes & sizes.

3. Listen to your gut with who you want to keep or add. Look for the people who you intuitively sense are authentic and practice what they preach...as well as share the challenges they've overcome and their current struggles.

Let's share the love on Instagram!

It's my favorite social media site lately, and here are a few women I really admire & follow:

Who is spreading the health message in a joyful way? Share your favorite Instagram accounts below!