Why I'm Giving up Real Food

I love Real Food

I spent 5 years in school and clinical training learning all about nutrition and food. I eat real food everyday. Real food has the power to heal the body and can make a huge impact on mental health, digestion, and more. I'm living proof. My immune system is stronger than ever. As a child, I had ear infections and strep throat nearly every week...and lived off of poptarts and oreos. (Of course, I had plenty of other foods. We always had home-cooked meals with veggies...I just didn't always eat the veggies. Sorry mom.).

I write a lot about real food here - superfoods, benefits of amazing avocados, beautiful beets, and all the other foods I now eat and love. This past month, I've delved into digestion. I totally think these are helpful topics to write about...but I've also felt a little lost with my blog topics.

Why I'm Giving Up Real Food

Why I'm GIving up Real Food

The one topic I always love to explore is our relationship with food. Mindful eating, intuitive eating, giving up dieting, loving my body, being kind to ourselves. The last month or so, my newsletter has been filled with short thoughts on ditching the scale and giving up perfect eating.

When I get an idea in my head, I can sit down and breeze through a post. It's exciting, and it flows. That doesn't always happen when I write about real food. Yes, I do like exploring the research and finding incredible ways that real food can literally heal the body, but what lights me up is helping women ditch the diets and love themselves. Love themselves regardless of any number on the scale or jean size.

I thought I HAD to write about nutrition. After all, I spent so much time learning about food and nutrition that it's my expertise. It really is. Just ask my parents for all the fun facts I've shared with them over the years. While I feel extremely well educated in the areas of real food and nutrition, I feel like I can help the most people when I write about getting off the diet cycle.

What REALLY Lights Me Up

When I write posts about our relationship to food and our body, you guys connect with them. I get excited and giddy inside when I read your emails and comments...including these:


(PS: Thank YOU! I really appreciate you taking time to read. You can get weekly inspiration sent with love to your mailbox too.)

This information is just as important as teaching people about nutrition. If you're reading my blog, I'm sure you can tell me what makes up a healthy diet. Yes, there are misconceptions out there, but for the most part, most know we should all eat more whole foods and less processed foods. I'll still be here to share posts about real food, help guide you on that path, and share helpful tidbits. However, my focus is shifting towards the real struggle for many people. That is - emotional eating, food cravings, how to find peace with food, how to stop feeling crazy around food, how to ditch the scale, give up calorie counting, and find freedom with food. How to live a lifestyle full of true health and happiness because following a restricted diet or fearing food is just no way to live.

It's amazing to be able to teach women to love themselves and find peace with food. To be able to eat chocolate without binging. To be able to nourish their bodies without counting calories. To be able to eat foods they were previously scared of. I work with women in nutrition coaching and write here to help women live a vibrant healthy and happy life, so they can spend energy doing things they love with their lives...without thinking about food all the time.

Where to Go from Here

If you're on board with this switch, here's a few of my favorite posts I've written and you guys have loved all about these topics. If you have time, feel free to take a look and find a message or thought that resonates with you.

I'll also be exploring new ways to share this message. Webinar? Guide? What would you be interested in?

What lights you up? Please share (or at least journal about it?)!