Choose Happiness Today


You know that inner voice of yours? That one that tells you "I'll be happy when..."

  • I lose 20 pounds
  • I fit into my skinny jeans
  • I reach my perfect goal weight on the scale
  • I start my diet again
  • I have a flat stomach
  • I weigh the same as I do 10 years ago

Choose Happiness Today

You can be happy right now. You don't have to weigh a certain number, fit into a certain jean size, or have a flat tummy to be happy.

What happens when you reach that perfect number on the scale? Do sparks of happiness bubble up inside your body? Do you instantly love your body?

No. You may then find another number to strive for - just another 5 pounds or another jean size.

Choose Happiness Now

Happiness and body love is an internal choice. It means choosing to be happy RIGHT NOW regardless of all the numbers you label yourself with. Those numbers (weight, size, etc.) mean nothing about living a happy and healthy life.

Looking like a supermodel will not make you happy or healthy. Just listen to interviews with these models about the rampant eating disorders and the drastic, dangerous methods they use to stay stick-thin.

I know this is a radical way to look at things. Instead of striving to lose weight, choose to eat more real food instead of low-calorie or low-fat food. Instead of waiting to buy clothes or squeezing into tight jeans, buy a new pair of jeans that fits your body and makes you feel really good. Instead of judging how you feel based on your weight, ditch the scale. Literally, throw that thing away.

Choosing health can mean you choose to skip calorie counting and dieting. It means eating whole foods that are nourishing to your body but still allowing yourself to eat those "forbidden" foods from your past. It may mean exercising less because 2-hour long daily workouts are torture and draining on your body and energy.

Choosing happiness is a daily practice. It's about being you today. No holding back. Being true to yourself, or learning about who you really are and what you really like. Maybe you don't even like the spinning classes you've been going to only because they burn 600 calories. It means wearing your favorite outfit on a random day of the week instead of waiting for a special occasion. It means not using food to deal with your problems.

There is life and immense happiness beyond what you look like or how much you weigh. You may find that you're unhappy with your job or relationships. Dealing with your problems head-on is harder but worth it. When you develop healthy coping skills to approach your problems, you don't need your body or the scale to give you a false sense of happiness or unhappiness.

You can choose to be happy in each moment of your day. It's a moment to moment decision. Make a list of all your favorite hobbies or people to be around. Make time in your day to do them. Skip the gym, and go for a walk in the sunshine inside. Go shopping for clothes that fit you well. Have a dance party with your friends. Eat your favorite chocolate bar without looking at the number of calories or grams of sugar. Smile at a stranger. Look around you. The world is a magical place.

Tree Pose

Remove "I'll be happy when..." from your vocabulary. Replace it with "I'm happy now," or "I'm happy when I...walk, dance, smile." When you look in the mirror, don't find the flaws of your body. Be amazed with your body. Give it credit for everything it does on a daily basis. It doesn't deserve all the words of hatred you give it everyday. Choose love and happiness towards your body instead. When that happens, you may naturally choose healthier, nourishing foods. You can listen to your body better. You stop thinking about your weight and marvel at how healthy and amazing you feel right now.

What activities fill you with happiness?