What I'm Reading in June (+ blog updates)

Hello there!

Lately, I've felt a little neglectful of my blog and missing it but also so aware of how much energy I'm using in other parts of my life. I'm not leaving this blog anytime soon because writing is so therapeutic for me, and blogging has been a wonderful space for connection and creativity for me.

I am taking some time right now to re-envision how I want to use this space. To catch you up, in the last six weeks, I've moved across country into a new state, town, and apartment.

In the past few years, I had been building my practice and working part of my time from home. I had more time for work on my blog and business, but when we decided to move to the Bay Area, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. I ended up seeing a job for a dietitian at a residential eating disorder center, applied for it, and got it right away. I've been there a month now and am really loving the therapeutic work, small group of clients at a time, and coworkers. It's a change moving from outpatient eating disorder work to residential, but it feels like really powerful work. Of course, it helped to have it before moving out because of the crazy rent prices out here!

One change is the work is powerful but intensive and at times emotionally draining. That's the nature of therapeutic work, and I've known it and felt it the last few years. I love being able to connect with clients and support them where they are in recovery, but it also means my self-care practice needs to be prioritized. I haven't felt as much drive to write about healing from disordered eating on this blog because I'm doing that work all day already.

I know I still want to, but I'm imagining this space expanding into a different type of space. Instead of solely focusing on intuitive eating and body acceptance (still hugely important topics), I want to explore self-care, yoga (especially therapeutic practices like pranayama, yin yoga, and creating your own healing practice), and body connection on a deeper level than just body image.

This is my work now too.

Moving is stressful guys! I was sore after moving boxes up and down from our car to the third floor, and it's just a lot of time and money. Add on a new job and all the little things that go along with moving, and my free time has been sleeping or cuddling up with Netflix.

My desires lately have been to get outside and explore - to hike, go to the gorgeous coast and beaches here, check out new restaurants, and get settled into our new space. While I do love Instagram, nature and adventures will always win over spending time on social media and email.


Self-care has been my practice. I'm slowly creating a new routine of meditating in the morning, cooking dinners again, getting enough sleep, and practicing all my yogic breathing in the traffic :)

Whether or not you've had a big change in your life, we're always in transition. Things are always evolving. Your routine and needs yesterday may be different today. That's normal and okay. There's no need to feel guilty for spending time exploring (or at home alone) and leaving your to-do list alone.

Self-care is lovingly acknowledging and getting curious about your needs in this moment - whether it's a deep breath, a break for lunch, or calling a friend. It's not a checklist of things to do that you saw on someone's Instagram.

I originally meant this to be a short intro, then sharing a few things I'm reading lately...but hey, I guess I really needed to write today.

So, here's what I'm reading lately:

  • Embody from The Body Positive - We did a The Body Positive training at our last staff meeting. It's all the messages I believe in and try to embody myself - health at every size, self-care, self-love, and more - combined into a powerful message and curriculum.
  • 101 Ways to Practice Self-Love by Corinne Dobbas - Try out one of these daily to cultivate a regular self-love practice. We all need it!
  • Recovery vs Discovery by Kaila Prins - This is so important! Recovery from an eating disorder can be a long journey, and it's essential to get treatment at the necessary level of care. It's nearly impossible to do real therapeutic work if your body and brain aren't being nourished adequately. Using a meal plan or residential treatment is therapeutic when you aren't able to feel any hunger cues or can't manage eating disorder urges and behaviors yet. Sure, you can set an intention to be a more intuitive or normal eater in the future, but that work is further along the recovery journey. Trust your treatment team (or work with professionals) first!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you want to read here in the comments below (or an email) too!