Intuitive Eating in Recovery, Summer Morning Routines, & Balancing Hormones

As we enter summer, I've been making some small changes in my daily routine and really thinking about the power of using the seasons to guide our lifestyles. I'm a huge believer in a morning routine to set my day off on a positive note, and I've made more space in my morning to accommodate that. Lately, I've been heading outside for a walk with my dog first-thing, then sitting down for some alternate-nostril pranayama (yogi breathing) or meditation. I also pop on some music, head outside, and do some hip spirals and a little dancing/yoga. I'm a huge fan of Buti yoga, so it's a lot of those moves - just some super fun movement to energize my body in the morning! There's so many benefits of movement for brain health, and I definitely notice the difference in my productivity and mood when I move my body in the morning. This all takes 30-60 minutes in the morning but well worth it!

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I've also been craving a lot more raw, fresh foods, especially since the farmer's markets are filling up with greens and berries. Fresh strawberries can be pricy, but I'm willing to pay for the delicious, juicy berries! Plants can be powerful and healing - from the plants we eat to the plants surrounding us. Of course, I feel great filling my body with tons of plants, but getting outside to hike or just do yoga in my backyard on the grass calms me down instantly.

Start to think about what you're craving this summer and what you could add to your daily routines to support your health and wellbeing the next few months. If you're interested in helping create powerful routines and habits for a healthy relationship with food and your body, I also just launched new Savor Sessions - 60-minute mind-body coaching sessions. I love helping women build sustainable healthy habits!

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3 Reasons We Eat Beyond Fuel & Calories

What I'm Reading: Books...

  • Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life by Claudia Welch - I'm thinking about doing a full review on this, but this was excellent! It's an Eastern approach to hormonal and women's health using Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main reason I loved it is it doesn't focus only on nutrition, but it really takes an individualized lifestyle approach. It's also hugely focused around building routines that are self-care focused, like deep-breathing tools or movement practices.

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  • Recovery Warriors Podcast on Intuitive Eating with Marci Anderson, RD - I did a workshop on eating disorders for nutrition professionals with Marci a few years ago, and she is so enthusiastic and passionate about this topic! It was great to listen to this podcast, and she shares wonderful tips.
  • Amy Schumer Youtube videos: "Girl, you Don't Need Makeup" and "New Body." Seriously, where has this lady been? I just discovered hee, and besides making me laugh, her videos really take a dig at the culture around body image and beauty ideals. Awesome!


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What are you reading or watching these days? Share below! I'd love to hear what books are on your summer reading list too.