July Favorites: Gaining Body Fat (& happiness), Lessons from an Eating Disorder, & Free Anti-Dieting Challenge

July Favorites: Free Challenge, Gaining Body Fat (and happiness), & Lessons from an Eating Disorder

The summer is flying by, and thankfully, it's been full of adventures, fun, laughter, and pure joy. Luckily for you, I've also been working on a FREE Challenge starting in mid-August - the 21-Day Break Up with Dieting Challenge. You won't have to follow any food rules or detox from sugar during this challenge. In fact, we'll be breaking the rules and finding a new way of living where you can actually enjoy your life & love your body. Sign up here to get in on the action! (It will be 2 weekly emails for 3 weeks + an amazing Facebook group for soul-nourishing support & connection.) Why am I offering this for free? Because...

  • You deserve to live with joy.
  • You are so worthy of love...no matter what the scale or your jean size says.
  • You are capable of nourishing yourself wholly.
  • You are your own health guru.
  • Your body is giving you cues all the time. You can learn to listen to them to honor your hunger and fullness.
  • Normal eating is ONE part of your life. Food is pleasurable, but so are infinite other aspects of life - relationships, your job, passion projects, nature, movement, sunsets...
  • You can trust your body.
  • Diets are boring, restrictive, drive you crazy....and you deserve a life of joy, love, breaking the rules, manifesting and living your dreams, laughter, and true nourishment. 

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Happiness & Self-Love

  • 50 Habits for a Happy Life from MindBodyGreen by Hannah Gets Happy --> Adore everything about this. Just choose 5 things from this list, and do them. My favorites right now are #3, 9, 29, 42, & 49. What about you?
  • Yearning for the Wild from Mark's Daily Apple --> I feel this big time, especially surrounded by the mountains and gorgeous green this summer. Nature is a healer.
  • A 4-Step Morning Routine to Guarantee a Great Day from MindBodyGreen--> Mornings are magical. Start your day by connecting with you.
  • Unpacking Comparison-itis from Nickie Linaire --> When you start to feel those thoughts of not-good-enough and comparison creep up, be thankful. It's an opportunity for growth and change.

Instagrams of the Month

Instagrams of July: July Favorites at Mindful Meals

  1. Feel the beauty of nature.
  2. Farmer's markets of summer! Eat local loves.
  3. Gorgeous sunset. Ice cream with friends over the bay.
  4. A run to the beach in the magical morning.
  5. Vulnerability quote from the wise Brene Brown.
  6. Cannot get enough cherries.
  7. Making myself a tree on a mountaintop.
  8. Yup, I jumped out of a plane with my boyfriend again. Adrenaline rush. Ready to do it again...and again.
  9. Flipping my world on a walk.

Your turn!

  1. Do you have a healthy relationship with food or your body? What do you WANT to feel about food or your body (nourished, flexible, healthy, etc.)?
  2. Share your favorite post you read/wrote this month? I want to read them!

  3. What's the BEST thing you did in July? Share your exciting adventures!