10 Things Learned from Mindful Meals (guest post)

We are very grateful on this Valentine’s Day to share how much we have learned from our favorite dietitian in the past year. Lauren has taught Ed and I so much about eating mindfully. We have both read some of her favorite recommended readings and changed the way we approach our meal planning. We have purchased grass fed beef and chickens, starting eating local eggs, bought into a winter CSA at Pete’s Green, and enjoyed visiting many farmer’s markets in Vermont and New Hampshire. These are things that 2 years ago we would never have considered. The blog posts have filled our now healthier brains with many good tips and more importantly have showed us how to be intentional about what we buy and eat. I now bring my reading glasses to the grocery store to carefully read the labels. We have stopped buying most processed foods, tried many new vegetables, have drank many smoothies, more tea and water, and have tried many new recipes.

Mom guest

The top 10 things we have learned from Mindful Meals:

  1. Breakfast is essential.
  2. Veggies are colorful and fun.
  3. Homemade sauerkraut is an excellent probiotic!
  4. Being gluten free for 30 days was a great food-learning experience.
  5. The dirty dozen list is helpful in buying fruits and vegetables.
  6. "Eat more Kale" stickers are a fun Yankee swap gift (and a great vegetable).
  7. We have learned many new words; probiotic, glucosamine, arils, gluten.
  8. Turmeric is a good spice to add to almost any meal.
  9. Skip drinking a lot of water with your meals (except for some red wine).
  10. Chia Seeds can be added to almost anything!

Love to all on this heart healthy month.

We are very proud of our daughter and her love and passion for healthy, mindful eating.