I Matter, You Matter

My sister Kristen is here today talking about I Matter...You Matter day. I love this idea! She also wrote a post called "Break Free of Drastic Dieting Plans" a few months ago. This Friday, March 28th, is one of my favorite days of the year! National I Matter…You Matter Day was a day created for the simple reason to spread acts of caring and the message of reminding people that they matter.  The You Are Never Alone Foundation based out of Vermont was founded on the basis of Caring is Contagious.  I learned very easily and quickly how true the phrase “Caring is Contagious” really is.

I Matter, You Matter


An act of caring, a friendly text, a surprise phone call, or even saying hi to a stranger in passing can lead to a chain reaction of acts of kindness.  The foundation makes wooden coins that have the messages “I Matter…You Matter” and “You Are Never Alone” on them for people to pass along in hopes of feeling the caring and being a part of spreading a great message.

Last year for this day, my high school passed around index cards with a caring coin attached to it and every time it was passed along, the person would add their name to the card.  The amount of names that I counted at the end of the day was incredible, everybody got to witness how contagious caring really is.  Not only that, I witnessed people smiling all throughout the day, and talked to so many new people, some I had never talked to before.

These caring coins are really special to me because I have taken them with me through every major event in my life.  I’ve brought them to El Salvador with me, to Atlanta for a mission trip, and I brought them to my high school and now to UNH!  Sharing this special message has been not only rewarding to everyone who receives a random act of kindness, but is also rewarding to me because I get the warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that I’ve spread such an important message.

So this Friday, I invite each and every one of you to reach out to someone you’ve never met and buy them a cup of coffee, or ask them how their day is.  A little act of caring can go along way because caring IS contagious.  I invite you to observe people around you and see how many acts of kindness you see throughout the day.

But most importantly, I hope you remember to tell people you love that they matter to you, and especially to tell YOURSELF that you matter as well! The message on these caring coins is “I Matter…You Matter”, everybody matters in life, sometimes we all just need to remind each other of that simple fact!  For more information and ideas on how to celebrate this day visit www.youareneveralonefoundation.org or visit the Facebook page!  You can send tweets as well with the hashtag #IMatterYouMatter.