Mindful Eating for Disordered Eating


Hi everyone! I wrote up a guest post for my blogger and dietitian friend Mary over at Considering You - Mindful Eating for Disordered Eating. I also wanted to share a few updates. I won't have any blogs for you again until the very end of December. I'll share a recap of 2013 and my top blog posts if you want to read (or re-read) them. I want you to spend your holidays with those you love and enjoy some time off from the internet.

Mindful Meals Newsletter

Also, in January, I will be moving to using newsletters to send out my latest blog posts. Some of you are subscribed to get emails from Wordpress for every new blog post that gets sent out compared to a monthly newsletter. If you do, just sign up below to be sure you are on the new newsletter list. I don't want anyone to miss out! I'll be starting to send out 2-3 newsletters a month with my latest blog posts, news and updates only for subscribers, occasional recipes, and inspiration.

As always, I love all your feedback, so thank you for all the comments and feedback from my Blogiversary a few weeks ago. Many of you asked for kid-friendly meal ideas, and I'm working on a post on that right now! Keep the feedback coming!

Wishing you all a happy &  healthy holiday season.