Mindful Meals in 2013 + What's Next?

Hope you all had a blessed holiday season and were able to take a break during all the madness. This time of year can be crazy indeed, and it's hard to find silence or time to reflect. If you haven't had any reflection time, I encourage you to take a look back on the year and remind yourself what was wonderful about it. I bet you can easily think of the things that went wrong, but I guarantee y0u had just as many or more amazing moments. Look back at pictures or reminisce with your friends or family about your favorite memories. For me, this means moving back to Vermont to my boyfriend & crazy cuddly boxer puppy Arya, going on adventures with international friends who visited, and getting upside down in yoga. Lots of laughing too :)

2013 recap pictures

I took time to write out a FEW (read: not too many) goals for the year in order to focus on the categories of my blog & business, personal, and financial. Goals or resolutions are specific, but I believe intentions are much more powerful. To me,  an intention means focusing on how I want to FEEL and how I want to BE in this moment and the year. Two of my intentions this year will be living mindful and fearless. Feel free to leave yours below!

Favorite Posts of the Year

Now, onto a recap of this blog in 2013. Here are a few of our (you + me)  favorite posts this year:

mindful meals 2013

What's Next?

If I've learned anything over the last few years is don't over-plan. Yes, setting goals and intentions is important, but things can and do change quickly and all the time.

Right now, what's next for me is starting a new (super-exciting) job next month, as well as continuing to take personal clients. I will soon be adding food sensitivity testing and coaching (MRT and the LEAP diet), which I plan to write a post about. Food sensitivities are a tricky thing, since blood tests are not 100% accurate, but MRT has actual clinical trials behind it, and LEAP practitioners undergo a training course.

I also plan to release a challenge guide on mindful eating in the next few months that goes through a 30-day Mindful Eating Challenge. If people are interested, I would love to do a few webinars or Google Hangouts this year on different topics and answer your top questions. Sign-up to my newsletter to get the latest details on that, or leave a comment with any ideas you have!

Finally, THANK YOU all for reading this year, and I hope you stick around! This blog really has grown thanks to you readers and all my new blogging friends who support and encourage me. If you want the latest blogposts and updates from me, the best way is to sign-up for my newsletter.

A few questions for today:

Did you have a favorite blog post or book you read this year? Share below to spread it!

Are you setting any goals or intentions this year? Let's support each other!