Monthly Intentions: Show Up

It always amazes me how common themes appear to pop into my life just as I need them. I end up having conversations with clients or friends around the same idea, or something clicks in my head as a reminder for myself to learn (or re-learn) this lesson. Lately, it's been about showing up. Showing up is being there for yourself - or others - in a way that's authentic for you. Often, showing up is more than enough, but we procrastinate or hold ourselves back because we think we need to show up as perfect, or not at all.

I love setting personal intentions for myself during my week or during my yoga practice. Here's the process I use for setting intentions (and why I choose intentions over New Year's resolutions).

Monthly Intentions: Show Up

As I start teaching yoga this month with classes and a few workshops, I'm using this intention to show up.

Yoga is a huge part of my life, and I've been lucky to have so many amazing teachers in my life that have shared their unique yoga teaching styles. From flowy, dance-like styles to holding poses for 10+ breaths to yin or slow, strong, creative flows, each teacher has impacted me in some way. Practicing with different teachers or styles has helped me realize what are some of my favorite ways to practice, what is challenging for me (and need to practice more), and what styles I just don't like.

As I plan my first few classes, I'm thinking about how I want to teach - what poses, style, music, adjustments, and more. It's so freeing to be able to share the practice of yoga creatively with others, but I also can't help but notice fear about the whole thing.

The fear is popping up in its old ways of perfection - fear of messing up as I teach, fear of rejection that others won't like my class, or fear that the music, poses, or everything won't be "good enough."

Whoa. While the fear gripped me at first, it's also a sign for me that I am so excited about this opportunity to teach yoga and share this personally transformative practice with others. If I wasn't so thrilled about teaching yoga, I probably wouldn't have so much fear because I just wouldn't care.

I'm reminding myself that perfection has no place in yoga or teaching - everyone's practice or class, including mine, will be different and unique. These will be some of my first classes to teach, and while I hope they will go well, if I make mistakes, it's okay. I'm still learning and will find my voice and flow in time.

Showing up as me is enough.

Showing up as my authentic self is enough.

Showing up and putting my heart and soul into class is enough.

Showing up - even if I mess up - is enough.

Showing up with my presence is enough.

I can tell when a yoga teacher is showing up fully in class. They are intentional with their words and aren't just repeating the script in their mind. They are watching the class, offering thoughtful adjustments, and sharing their wisdom through alignment cues, inspiration, or personal stories. You can feel their energy radiating, and I want to come back to their class way more than a scripted class where the teacher is mentally absent.

Showing up is more than enough.

So, what am I planning to work on this month?

  • Show up! Be aware of the energy I'm bringing to class when I teach, so I can show up authentic and present.
  • Breathe. Of course, my breath will be my tool when I feel fear or mess up an alignment cue in class. If I can return back to my breath, I can come back to the present moment.
  • Show up for myself in my self-care. This month is a busy one - with clients, workshops, teaching, and more - but I have to remember that in order to be fully present while I teach, I need to take care of myself first.
  • Learn from my experiences. Showing up is a continual evolution, as I learn from experiences teaching. As I teach, there will be things to grow and work on. I want to let myself continually show up, as I work on adding in more alignment cues, adjustments, pranayama, or themed classes. I also need to remind myself that not everyone will like my class, and that's okay (there's styles/teachers I don't resonate with). I'll find the students that do resonate with me, and I can work on teaching to them.

Monthly Intentions: Show Up

If you want to use these monthly intentions with me, you could explore REST in a few different ways:

  • Journal about showing up. How are you letting fear run in your life? What parts of your life do you need to show up more fully for?
  • Show up for yourself - in your self-care. Are there parts of your self-care that you're resisting? Maybe it's sleep, movement, food, or relaxation time. Practice showing up for yourself and knowing that you deserve time for yourself.
  • Know that showing up is more important than being perfect. Put yourself out there, publish a blog post that is "good enough," or challenge yourself in a new way.

I'd love to hear from you now in the comments:

  • How are you going to use the intention of SHOWING UP in your life this month?
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