Mothers, Daughters, & Body Image


Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom (to 3 daughters + one new boxer puppy Brewster) & all the other moms out there too! I have Jaren - a blogger, dietitian-to-be, and mother - here sharing words on mothers, daughters, and body image.

Mothers, Daughters, & Body Image

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’m set. Brunch reservations have been made, a gift wrapped with a beautiful bow and I’m ready to spend a day celebrating one of my best friends, my momma.

But there’s something more than this to mother's day. Now that I’m a mother myself, there is deeper appreciation for my body and its capability to nourish, grow and sustain life, and a sense of peace in knowing that even while my body may have changed, I’m more concerned with how my heart has changed than an increase in the size of my waist or thighs, but OH how long its been to get here.

I think of the constant consumption of rail thin, idealistic body shapes I was consumed with as an adolescent. I think of the precious time I spent wishing and wining about how I wish I could change my body and convincing myself that if my body we somehow different, I would be different. I wasn’t alone.

You’ve heard the statistics- over half girls as young as 9 years old are interested in losing weight and 80% of them are afraid of being fat. What’s surprising is that most of these young girls know the thin ideal portrayed in media is unrealistic, in fact they would prefer (about 81%) to see natural, unaltered photos of women.

You, as a momma, also know that your daughter (or son as well, but focusing specifically on the mother daughter relationship) is watching with close eyes. Not only do they watch while you prepare their meals, help them dress in the morning or fiddle with your hair- they watch the way you love yourself and the way you love others. For some, for most, this is difficult- outright hard. Some of us have fought our body for years. What’s easy is telling our daughters that happy girls are the prettiest, that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, or the shape of you body, but it’s a new level for us to model it and to live it out.

So, mother’s day for me means committing to taking care of myself- physically, emotionally and spiritually so that I can in turn care for my daughter and for her own. Living out what it truly means to love myself, not for the way my body looks, but for the wisdom it holds. This radical self care, is the most courageous gift that that I can give to myself and my daughter.

And…if you're in need of some truth on what bodies after babies really look like and in need of some compassion, I’ve left some links for you to peruse and awe and embrace the inherent beauty of changes brought to our bodies through birth and breastfeeding.

Happy Mothers Day!


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