How can you Nourish, Savor, & Love Yourself?

Notice anything different over here? My logo or domain? :) Yes, I've made a change over to Lauren Fowler and am thrilled about it. Since I am coaching under my name and have a number of different projects, it made more sense to use that for clarity.

Obviously, I'm still about eating "mindful meals," but that's not my only interest these days. Teaching people about how to bring more presence into their meals and actually enjoy them mindfully can be super powerful. Yet, so can just eating food (it's just food, after all), then moving on with your life to do fun, exciting things!

Can we just swoon over my new logo for a moment or two? The wonderful Kory Woodward designed it for me, and I'm so in love with it. My new tagline - Nourish. Savor. Love. - is what really drives my philosophy around food and life for that matter.

So, what does Nourish. Savor. Love mean?

How do you Nourish, Savor, & Love Yourself? (+ free worksheet)


Instead of depriving ourselves, let's choose to nourish our bodies with whole foods. Foods that nourish your unique body.

Find nourishing relationships and nourish yourself with all the "nutrients" for an incredible life. Just to name a few - laughter, nature, adventure, self-exploration, sunshine, rest, and whatever fills you up.


It's time to ditch mindless eating and boring food. Engage your senses for a fully pleasurable eating experience.

Savor your food. Eat the best chocolate, and really savor it.

Savor your life by slowing down and being present. Savor the moments of sunshine on your face, grass on your feet, laughter with friends, sleeping in.


The underlying thread that ties it all together: Love.

Bring love into the kitchen, and infuse love into your cooking and food.

Love your body, and choose to nourish it with energizing foods. Guilt doesn't belong at your meal.

Most of all, love yourself. Choose love over fear.

To help you explore what this means for you, I created a fun worksheet for you! Use it for a week to fill in just 1-2 thoughts about how you can nourish, savor, and love each day. Just fill in an idea for each one, like: I will nourish myself with a veggie-packed soup, I will savor by enjoying my meal with a friend, and I will love myself by taking time to journal in the evening.

Just click on the image for the full worksheet to download + save. I'd love to see how you are using it on Instagram - use the hashtag #nourishsavorlove, so I can find you! Stay tuned for a fun Instagram challenge and giveaway starting Thursday using this.

Nourish. Savor. Love worksheet

So, what can you expect in this new space

Plenty of the usual, and I've heard all your comments and emails for ideas. A HUGE thanks to all of you who read - you're my main inspiration :)

My main themes I'll be exploring here are:

Nourish Yourself

Intuitive Eating // Nourish & Savor

Intuitive Eating is your natural state. We are all born with the inner wisdom of knowing when to eat, how much, and what to eat. We lose this as we grow older, are told to finish our entire plates, and start using diets. By using Intuitive Eating, you can reconnect to your natural state.

I'll share what Intuitive Eating actually is and how to start using this new approach to food...without treating it like another diet. I'll share the (slight) differences between mindful, intuitive, and "normal" eating.

I'll also share why you don't have to eat mindfully 100% of the time. Food is energy for you to thrive in the rest of your life. It's essential, but it shouldn't be your WHOLE life.

Body Acceptance

Body Image

Body Image is a huge topic! It goes way beyond "loving your body." Yes, finding acceptance for your body as it is right NOW is essential, but let's also consider being present in your body, cultivating a better body image, getting out of the comparison mindset and accepting body diversity.

Some of you also asked for personal stories for body image for me - I'll be sprinkling these into posts along the way too.

self love category

Self-Care & Self-Love

Self-care is simply taking care of yourself. Take a look at your life - are you really taking care of yourself?

I strongly believe in the power of self-care to nourish my entire being, relax, connect to my intuition, and bring me home back into my body.

We'll get into how to create a self-care routine that works for your daily life.

At the core of this is simply self-love. When you develop self-love, then caring for yourself becomes a natural priority.

I'm sure we'll even dive into the other "self" topics around self-trust, self-love, and more.

heart centered health category

Heart-Centered Health

I believe in looking at you as a person that goes way beyond physical health. It means taking a peek into your emotional state, mental attitudes and beliefs, spirituality, and yes - your heart. Let's make 2015 all about living from the HEART.

In this category, we'll dive into all aspects of physical health, including some of my favorites - hormones (women's health + the magic of your period - yup!), digestion, whole food nutrition, immune health, and more.

2015 Plans for this Space:

I've shared one of my favorite quotes here before - "Feel the fear, and do it anyway," and that's what I'll be experimenting with as well. Before now, videos have seen so scary, but I have it as a goal to dive in anyways. I want to explore other ways besides writing to share these messages like videos, interviews, or audio.

I'm working on a new ebook with a new friend and blogger Valerie.

Of course, I'll be continuing my individual coaching, and stay tuned for a new chance to work with me.

To end, THANK YOU to all of you for reading the past two years.

It fills my heart whenever I hear another woman share that I'm helping change their relationship with food.

I'd love to see how you are nourishing, savoring, and loving yourself with the worksheet. If you use it, follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag #nourishsavorlove for me to check out :) 

Stay tuned for Thursday for an awesome giveaway and fun Instagram challenge using #nourishsavorlove.