Creativity, Yoga, & Weight Loss Goals: October Favorites

October has been a really wonderful month! It's always one of my favorites - my birthday, fall and the foliage, seasonal apples, and the new energy around change and letting go. I've been slowing down more and taking time to rest and restore my body with more sleep and restorative yoga. It's been a grounding practice during a time of year that I tend to feel anxious or overwhelmed. I've also felt myself enjoying fall more often rather than grieving the end of summer.

That also could be the fact that next month I'll be heading to Costa Rica (& HOT weather!) for my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training! I'm really excited, as this is something I've wanted to do for a while, yet it also terrifies me to think about actually teaching the practice that has been so transformational to me. That's a signal to me to work with the fear and transform it. I'll be blogging less, but you can find me on Instagram. It will also be really nice to take a break from being on social media, email, and screens all day.

I've also recently updated a few things on my site - mainly new pictures after having my mom do a fun photoshoot with me. You can check out some updates on my About Page, my new Food Philosophy page, Favorites & Resources, and you can find all my podcast (WholeYou) episodes here. If you're interested in coaching, I'm taking new clients to start in January, so feel free to reach out now to join the waiting list.

Lauren Fowler RDN

What I'm Writing...

Weekly Intentions: Breathe

What I'm Reading: Books...

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - I'm taking my time to read this because so many things are ringing true (and giving me a whole new perspective). Her first book - Eat Pray Love - was one of the first books in this realm that I read and still love.
  • The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover - I love Sara's perspective on the feminine and viewing our cycles as women as our power. By connecting with our cycles (and nature's cycles), we can support ourselves and listen to our intuition.

What I'm Reading: Articles...

  • That Time I ate Most of a Large Pizza in One Setting at Whole Health Source - This is a super scientific article but a really great explanation on our bodies satiety and energy homeostasis systems. It helps explain what happens in your body when you diet or restrict your food intake and why that may lead to a binge afterwards.
  • Exercise Anxiety at the Real Life RD - Yes, such an important topic! We're not only diet obsessed in our culture but also exercise obsessed. Robyn shares grounded and real advice on how to address this if you're struggling in ways of "needing" to exercise or feeling guilty if you miss a day or week.
  • Butter in your Coffee & Other Cons: Stories from a Fitness Insider - Wow, this was an awesome read. It shares stories about a rather popular online health brand. I highly recommend you reading this and being very cautious of the advice you read from online health blogs or professionals, especially if they are selling supplements on their site as well. While many bloggers have great intentions, they are not always experienced health professionals and may offer extreme advice (that can be harmful for people!).

What I'm Listening to...

What I'm Eating...

What are you reading or watching these days? Share below! I'd love to hear what books are on your fall reading list too.