Where to Find Real Superfoods (that you can actually afford)

Are superfoods a scam?

Depends on who you ask. Ask Dr. Oz, and those magical beans from the Amazon are a magic cure and will melt fat right off your belly.

Ask me? Well, let's just that bag of pricey acai powder is not going to give you that body you're dreaming of. It may fun to add to smoothies (& honestly, I've never tried it), but you won't get very far spending your entire grocery budget on ONE item.

So, where are the real superfoods? What actually is a superfood?

Where to Find Real Superfoods (that you can actually afford)

Let's go back to my nutrition philosophy: Eat real food that works for YOUR mind and body.

Nutrition gurus get famous by promoting ONE style of eating. The truth of the matter is your body is different from mine.

Bioindividuality is a beautiful thing. You may thrive on high-protein diet while your best friend feels incredible eating a higher amount of nutrient-packed carbohydrates.

Superfoods are the foods that are loaded with nutrients from nature. Yup, food companies can throw omega 3s and extra protein in their snack bars, but it doesn't make it a super food.

Mother nature created the perfect combination of nutrients in your food, and it's all-natural baby...no label needed!

Superfoods are the foods that give you healthy superpowers. When you eat most of your foods grown from the ground or raised in nature - not a lab or factory farm - you start to thrive.

It happened to me. My first version of "health" foods were Luna bars (glorified candy bars), flavored non-fat yogurts (loaded with sugar), and fake soy chicken fingers (when all I wanted was the real thing).

When I started to eat my daily dose of delicious veggies and eat mainly whole foods, my energy soared. I started running further and faster than before...and enjoyed every step. My skin felt amazing, and I literally glowed from the inside out.

I don't eat a "clean" or "perfect diet" because that doesn't exist. I eat plenty of foods that satisfy my mind and feel good to my soul. Last week, I fully enjoyed watching the sunset with friends and yes, delicious real ice cream. I know which foods drain my energy and make me so bloated I look and feel pregnant. So, I avoid or limit them. Yes, of course, sugar doesn't make me feel great when I eat tons of it, but I don't make it off limits.

I listen to and honor my cravings and figure out what's going on there.

Where do I get my superfoods? The farmer's market!

Farmer's Markets & Real Superfoods

Browse your farmer's markets. Those gorgeous, juicy berries, multi-colored tomatoes, and just-picked bunches of the greenest kale you've ever seen...those are the real superfoods.

Best of all, you'll get a week's worth of nutrient-rich goodies for less than the superfood powders you're ordering. They're much more versatile and tastier too, in my opinion. My fridge is packed with summer superfoods, and I can't get enough of nature's candy: berries. All the antioxidants in fresh-picked berries are protecting my skin from sun damage, melons help hydrate me in the heat, and glorious greens make up the salads I crave nearly everyday.

Superfood Queens, have you hit up the farmer's market lately? Or are you part of a CSA?

If so, share your FAVORITE summer fruit or veggie below!

If not, what are you waiting for? Find a farmer's market, and go pick up the tastiest nutrients you'll ever eat.