Get Creative: Make a Wellness Vision Board

Have you heard of vision boards?

They're amazing! A lot of people use them for professional and personal goals. The basic idea is to create a board - poster, corkboard, or whatever you'd like to use - and fill it with positive images of where you want your life to go in the next year. If you imagine yourself going to grad school, you might put a picture of your dream school on it. If you want a puppy, you may want to add a picture of the breed you want to get (may I recommend a boxer?). After looking at a puppy everyday, you'll definitely want to get one :)

Recently, I've been loving the idea of creating a Wellness Board. Health is a huge priority to me, so why not make it visual? It's super inspiring and motivating to have images focused on what health means to me to look at and remind myself how much I love feeling healthy and vibrant.

Vision Board Tips

Get Creative: Make a Wellness Vision Board

So, if you've ever wanted to make a vision board, here are some tips! I've heard some pretty powerful stories from people using vision boards. If you're looking at your goals or visions everyday, you're going to be more likely to take steps to reach them. You'll fill your life with positive images, positive thoughts, which definitely leads to action!

Clarity is King

Last week, I rolled out a yoga mat from the studio, and along the bottom was the word "Clarity." Clarity is essential for health. It's easy to want to jump right into healthy habits, but you first need to take a moment to get clear about what you want and why. Do you want to do yoga or run? Of course you can do both, but you may want to think about what makes you feel best and why you like it. No need to torture yourself during a run or yoga class, if you truly don't like it. Write down your health goals and what's motivating you. Maybe you want to train for a half marathon, do a handstand (me!), eat more greens, meditate more, or start to love your body.

Get Creative

Take out a corkboard or posterboard, and get your creative juices moving. Put on some fun music, grab some magazines, scissors, or markers, and get started. Find images that resonate with you, and add them to your board. Draw on some inspiring words (PS: Check out The Desire Map). There's no need to hold back, or make judgment about what you're adding. No one else has to see this.

This is for you. Add images or words that will inspire you towards action everyday - I have a Brene Brown quote about authenticity on mine. Maybe it's a picture of someone meditating or doing a yoga pose - handstanding is my goal. Maybe it's a picture of big salads to inspire you to eat your greens. Or maybe you add a picture of you and your friends as a reminder that social events energize and nourish you. On mine, I added yogi tea quotes around the edges. I'm obsessed with their tea (mm egyptian peppermint) and always save the quotes.

Make it Public

Set your board up somewhere that you will see it everyday! This is where the magic happens. You're not going through all this work to hide your board in your closet. While you don't have to make it public by carrying it around with you all day, hang it up in your room or somewhere you can look at it everyday. I promise you it will put a smile on your face or remind you of things that inspire you towards health.

Start Now

You don't have to wait to take action on your vision board. The point is to put your intentions out there and get started on your wellness journey, but it all starts with simple steps. Take one step today by going out for a walk or signing up for a yoga class. Buy fresh greens to add to your smoothie. Smile. Taking action will help you build healthy habits rather than viewing your vision board as an "ultimate goal."

This is a really fun project, and it could be a great thing to do with your friends! Give up the diet and weight talk with friends, and start talking wellness and health. You could also create on for your desktop or on Pinterest.

Have you ever used a vision board? What would you add to your wellness vision board?