The Wanna List: Less To-Do Lists, More Movement

Last week, my favorite post I read was "The Wanna List" by Alicia at Jaybird Blog. Like her, I tend towards a Type A personality and get a thrill out of creating bucket lists and to-do lists. I could "do" more and work all day if I let myself. I know that in order to have the energy to put into this blog and clients, I need time for myself. Time to unwind, a morning routine to ease into the day, taking breaks to move my body. Yes, I'll drop into a juicy downward facing dog in the middle of a day to reset. This isn't "productive, making me money" time, but it makes me a better person the rest of the day.

Instead of doing, I want to start being and feeling more. Being okay with taking a break, even if I have a blog post or client work to do. Being okay with sitting outside in the morning with a cup of tea and taking in the gorgeous morning - a magical part of the day. Not trying to fill every minute of my day with a to-do to feel productive.

So, here's my wanna list. Feel free to join in on the fun!

Wanna List: Less To-Dos, More Movement

This summer, I wanna...

  • take in breathtaking views after hiking the highest peaks in New England.
  • wear a bikini without judging my body --> what I want every woman to do
  • create my own flowing yoga classes outside in my backyard
  • run to the beach with my dog in the morning
  • celebrate love at two amazing friends' wedding!
  • eat lobster, drink homemade mango mojitos
  • snack on fresh, juicy organic berries from the farmer's market (even if I pay a small fortune for them)
  • read a fiction book or two...for a change
  • take in the long days and hot sun...and try not to get too burnt
  • have a wild dance party to Wannabe by the Spice Girls --> had to say it

I wanna feel...

  • myself, others, the world
  • open
  • a sense of flow
  • vibrant

I wanna be...

  • spontaneous!
  • purposeful...working on this with my blog right now
  • me

PS: This activity isn't just helpful for summer. If you're feeling stuck, bored, drifting and purposeless in your life, focus on how you want to feel. Making a bucket list is one thing, but are you actually going to take action on your dreams?

I love hearing from you lovely people - share a comment!

What is ONE thing you want to do this summer? Most importantly, how do you want to feel?

Take 5 minutes, and make your own list. It will feel good :)