The Seven Truths about Weight Loss all Women Must Know (+ one simple goal)

I don't care...what you weigh. I don't care...what size your jeans are.

I don't care...if you have a six-pack in your bikini.

I don't many calories you ate today.

I know numbers may be running around in your head all day long. I don't blame you - if you read any magazines, blogs, or health-related media, you'll see BMI, quick weight loss tips, and calories plastered everywhere. The problem is numbers only leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. When they're too high, you feel like a failure. When they're too low, you may feel successful...but also hungry and like you "deserve a treat."

I get it. You want to feel comfortable in your body, and a numbers-approach to weight and health seems like the best way to get there. After all, that's what everyone says: Count your calories. Workout for 30 minutes. Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

After counting calories in the past and trying to "control" my weight, I gave it up. All the way.

I have no idea how many calories I ate today, and honestly, I don't care.

I know I nourished my body and feel good, and that's way more important to me than squeezing in size 2 jeans.

The Seven Truths about Weight Loss (all women must know!)

Here's the secret: Give up the weight loss "goal."

Seriously, forget about it for a while.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -Albert Einstein

The key to changing your relationship with food or your weight isn't another diet or workout plan. It's changing your entire mindset around food and weight.

I'm not trying to trick you here. Keep reading if you want to know why giving up the weight loss goal is so important. Here's what I know to be true from working with clients & experiencing things first-hand...

1. Your body is not a battlefield. It's not fair to deprive your body of nourishment and be hungry...all to reach a "goal weight" that may not be realistic to your body.

2. The scale does NOT determine how healthy you are or your self-worth as a human being. You can't measure joy, love, purpose, self-worth, creativity, and everything wonderful life offers by a piece of plastic on the floor.

3. Calorie counting is soul-sucking. Like the scale, numbers set limits for you. YOU are wise enough to figure out when your body is hungry, full, what it needs, how to nourish yourself, and how to honor your cravings...if you listen to your natural intuition.

4. Health comes in all sizes. You don't NEED to lose weight to be healthy. By embracing health, you can throw your energy into adding healthy habits to your life - moving your body, eating whole foods, managing stress, finding healthy relationships, and living life with intention.

5. "Skinny" isn't realistic or healthy for most women. The photo-shopped bikini models may have the media-driven perfect body, but I'll bet many of them don't have their periods - an essential sign of being a healthy woman. Many likely have struggled with eating disorders, or have self-imposed food rules.

6. Weight loss does not lead to happiness, a boyfriend, more money, and an amazing life. The confidence to go out and live your life with joy is possible right now. When you stop buying into the idea that you have to lose weight BEFORE living your life, you have the opportunity to do whatever the hell you want to do.

7. To live an amazing life, focus on expansion rather than shrinking. I don't want to shrink my body down to pointless goals. Nourishing your body with real foods is a way to expand your potential in life. When you fuel your body, you have the energy, clarity, and space to go out in the world and LIVE. To start your business, travel, check things off your bucket list, and spend your energy on the important things in life. When I look back on my life, these are the things that will matter - not the fact that I was "skinny" or had abs.

Giving up the weight loss goal is possible. Just give it a try for a week, and see how you feel. When you ditch the diet mentality and stop trying to lose weight, things happen. You'll find more energy, clarity, and true health...and happiness.

PS: I know giving up the weight loss goal and diet mindset can sound so hard! I get it, and if you're really interested in living a non-diet lifestyle, why don't you grab my "Break Up with Diets Email Challenge?" It's 6 challenges for you to take action towards giving up diets and living your best life :)

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