Favorite Books & Products

I adore reading, and books can be a powerful asset to recovery and healing. Here are some of my favorites about eating recovery, health at every size and body image, yoga, and more. A quick caveat is while these are great resources, some may not be fully aligned with current research of HAES.

I'm an Amazon affiliate, which means Amazon items I genuinely like and recommend (like these books) may earn me a commission. It doesn't change your price at all but helps support this blog!


Favorite Programs

  • Isabel Foxen Duke's: Stop Fighting Food free video series - Isabel is one of the best and most respected resources in the emotional eating world. Her free video series covers some of the most important concepts to change your relationship with food on an emotional and psychological level. If you find yourself in a diet-binge cycle, obsessing about food, or binging, check out her free video series!

    *I am a proud affiliate of her program - I promote resources I trust that are non-diet, health at every size focused.