Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

If you're ready to stop obsessing about food, you're in the right place. I want to help you move away from deprivation and shame around food and towards a place of nourishment, peace, and joy with food.

I offer individual nutrition counseling and coaching to help you build a healthy relationship with food and your body through a non-diet approach grounded in intuitive eating and Health at Every Size. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I also incorporate tools from yoga, including gentle movement, mindfulness and meditaiton, pranayama (breathwork), yoga philosophy, and self-care.

I have experience and training in eating disorders and disordered eating for adults and adolescents through individual outpatient sessions, groups, and residential and partial hospitalization program settings. I also participate in regular supervision with dietitians and psychotherapists and am currently working towards my Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) certification.


My Approach

My approach is individualized and compassionate. We can work on:

  • Peace with food to let go of disordered thoughts or behaviors around food.
  • Balance and flexibility around food.
  • Intuitive eating skills.
  • Mindfulness and sustainable eating patterns for your body and lifestyle.
  • Connecting to your body's cues for food.
  • Cultivating an embodied connection with your body (getting into your body) and better body image.
  • Developing joyful movement patterns.
  • Incorporating yoga and meditation practices, if you would like.
  • Supporting your whole-body health, including digestion, hormones, mental and emotional health around food and movement.

What to Expect

In our first session, we'll explore your current relationship with food and your body, eating habits and beliefs about food, and start to create a plan tailored for you. 

Follow-up sessions focus on building intuitive eating skills, nutrition education and coaching, and developing sustainable food, movement, and health habits.

I'll provide resources like additional reading, journaling exercises, self-care practices, and email support between sessions.

A note: While intuitive eating is possible for everyone, some people may require more structure around their eating. If you are seeking treatment or in recovery for an eating disorder, I am happy to collaborate with your treatment team or provide recommendations for a therapist and medical providers. 


Initial Session

60 minute initial session + email recap + additional resources: $120

Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes + email recap + additional resources: $100

Monthly Packages

After our initial session, we can work together monthly with two 50-minute sessions + email recap + additional resources + email support: $180

Let's Talk!

If you're ready to start, let's schedule a free discovery call. This 15 minute session will allow us to talk about what you are looking for and if we would be a good fit.



I do not accept health insurance.

If finances are a concern, I do leave a spot open for sliding scale payments.


Lauren is just so personal but at the same time very practical about how to implement tips that are unique to me, my personality, and my interests. It felt like talking to a close friend who held me accountable to what I was learning and processing. I wouldn’t hesitate to in recommending her to anyone who has or is dealing with an eating disorder, disordered eating, seeking balance in your relationship with food, or just learning to love yourself and accept your body.”
— L.P.
When I stress out, I binge on foods. Talking with you helped me confront what was going on emotionally versus staying silent and burying my emotions even more... The questions you asked me were thoughtful to what I was saying. The way you listened intently to what I was saying and remembered every detail made me feel important and that you genuinely care. I did not feel judged for one second, and I feel a sense of of relief that I could confidently be real and “let it all out.”
— C.C