Do you have a health condition that you suspect food worsens or improves symptoms?

Maybe you have constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, or other digestive problems? Or skin conditions? Joint aches or pains? Or migraines? Are you just sick and tired of feeling SICK and TIRED?

When you go to your doctor, you may have been told to increase your fiber or take probiotics for digestive issues, or take an endless list of medications. Your doctor may have even told you that food doesn't play a role in your migraines or fibromyalgia?

It's easy to get frustrated from all of this, especially if you've tried numerous versions of elimination diets like cutting out gluten, sugar, soy, dairy, all of the above, or more.

The truth is: Food and Chemical Sensitivities are real, and they CAN play a role in your health.

They CAN cause symptoms that cause you daily pain or multiple trips to the bathroom.

You can feel better than you have in years simply by healing through food. When the suspect foods and chemicals are identified from food sensitivity testing, removing them and following a specific healing plan can help reduce symptoms by up to 60-70% within a few weeks. If you'd like to get started with testing and feeling better, fill out the contact form below, and I'll send you a symptom survey to fill out.

How Does Food Sensitivity Testing Work?

A food sensitivity blood test called MRT (Mediator Release Testing) identifies reactions to 150 food and chemicals. These food or chemicals can cause symptoms in your body by releasing inflammatory mediators in your body like IgG, IgM, cytokines, histamine, interleukins. MRT looks at all these reactions and quantifies your response to different foods and chemicals. It can help reduce symptoms in many health conditions, especially IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), migraines, and fibromyalgia, which are all very common conditions!

Food Sensitivity Testing

These foods and chemicals are actually causing inflammation within your body and leading to the symptoms. By identifying and removing the reactive foods or chemicals, symptoms often drastically decrease or are eliminated. After your blood is taken, it is sent to a lab, and a report is created with the reactions. Myself or another Certified LEAP Therapist will then create your LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance Diet). This is a individualized diet that starts with your safest foods to help eliminate symptoms, followed by adding in new foods one at a time. Over several months, you can add back in foods and test how you handle even reactive foods.

It is much different than removing main allergens like wheat or soy. Symptoms from food sensitivities may show up several hours to days after eating even a small amount. You could also be reactive to chemicals in products like medications, toothpaste, or shampoo. It's tricky to determine all your sensitivities, so using a blood test can help you identify them.

What's the Difference Between MRT and Other Tests?

There are many food sensitivity tests out there like ALCAT or ELISA. MRT was created by the same physician (Dr. Mark Pasula) or created ALCAT, and MRT is an improved version. Other tests have poor reproducibility. That means if you sent in the same blood sample to the lab, you may end up with two completely different reports of your sensitivities. MRT is highly accurate and the same sample will produce the same report with over 90% accuracy.


 Are you Ready to Try it Out?

If you believe you CAN feel better and are motivated to completely change your diet, this program may be for you. Food is medicine, and safe, nutrient-rich foods can help you feel better within weeks. This program is only for the highly motivated patients who are willing to eliminate foods that are reactive, are completely committed, and are able to prepare their food from scratch.

It is not for people who are unwilling to give up specific foods for a few weeks or months, unwilling to cook their own food, or rely on restaurant or packaged foods. If you do not believe food can cause symptoms AND make you feel better and would rather choose expensive supplements or medications, this program is not for you.

What Does it Include?

  • Food Sensitivity Testing: MRT test of 150 foods and chemicals
  • Booklet of test results, recipes, shopping tips, common sources of the chemicals or additives
  • An individualized plan based on your results and food preferences to an extent
  • Initial consultation to review results, plan meals, and brainstorm tips to keep you on track and prepared as you make significant changes.
  • Follow-ups over the next 3 months to support and guide you through your LEAP program and help you introduce new foods and troubleshoot any new or existing symptoms.
  • A look at the whole picture such as sleep, stress, movement, supplements, healing foods, other health or nutritional conditions or concerns, nutritional deficiencies

Food Sensitivity Testing MRT ResultsFood Sensitivity Testing MRT Foods

This program can be done locally, over the phone or Skype, and I am available via email for check-ins.

Get Started with Food Sensitivity Testing

If you have made it this far, you're probably not feeling great and wondering if food could be causing your symptoms. Contact me to take the symptom survey, and I'll follow-up with you via email within 2 business days. I will also let you know if I do not feel the program will benefit you, and if there are other nutritional ways to improve your symptoms. We can also review the program, any questions or concerns, prices, and more!


$537 or 2 monthly payments of $300. This includes the price of the test, 1 60-minute session to review the results + create your individualized plan, 1 30-minute follow-up, session notes + plans, and email check-ins.

Yes, the test and program is a commitment, but consider how much money and energy you are currently spending trying to feel better or even just get through your day now. Many people unfortunately spend years (and money!) seeing different practitioners, trying out different medications or supplements, without any relief or benefit.

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