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I teach group and private vinyasa and restorative yoga asana. My classes are creative, playful, and grounded in the breath. It is an embodiment practice to help students get attuned to their mind, body, breath, and heart. It's movement to connect and build a deeper relationship with your body and Self. I also incorporate pranayama (breathwork) and yoga philosophy using the 8-limb path.

Vinyasa classes are focused on building strength, stability, and mobility in the body in a safe way. Through movement, you can reconnect to your body and practice presence in a playful way. The practice allows you to tune into the intelligence of the body and leave feeling energized, inspired, and connected.

Restorative classes are a gentler practice that is super cozy and nourishing. Restorative classes use props like bolsters and blankets to allow the body to rest. Within the stillness, the breath is allowed to flow freely and the nervous system calms down. It's a beautiful practice to give yourself a chance to soften, breathe, and just be.